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Feb 21, 2008 11:34 AM


I am going there tonight and i can't find any reviews on it. Has anybody been lately? Any dishes you can recommend? Thanks!!

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  1. Barmarche is one of my absolute favorites. My husband and I ate there often last year when we were dating. The menu changes periodically so I am not sure what they have now but everything was very good. The bass tacitos was a favorite. The drink menu is also terrific. You won't be disappointed. Enjoy :)

    For other restaurant reviews:

    1. The girl and I had a nice meal there a month or two back. It was my first visit to the space since the departure of Lebowitz. A quick rundown...

      We had a round of drinks and an order of guacamole to start. The cocktail menu is creative and the drinks were executed well. The guacamole was (obviously) overpriced, but very good. My skate was good, as was her grilled shrimp salad. The churros we ordered for dessert were good enough to induce a touch of guilt.

      1. It is my absolute favorite restaurant. The cutest, best food ever. The service isn't the greatest, just because they are not on top of you. But its such a small restaurant, that no one goes unnoticed.