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Saturday brunch in Dallas

Can anyone recommend a good place serving brunch on Saturday in downtown/uptown, or at least south of LBJ? No Mexican/Southwest though, we routinely eat at Blue Mesa/Mattito's. And we love Bread Winners. Something like Birraporetti’s in Arlington (not the best, but a decent spread), although buffet not required. Bottomless mimosas are a plus.
Also, is Ciaudad going to open up somewhere else? Still confused how they could close.

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  1. La Duni
    Cafe Brazil

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      I've never tried Ziziki or Terellis, although looks like they're only Sunday brunches. I have tried La Duni and Cafe Brazil and love them both, but kinda fit into the Mexican rubric, although I realize they're South American.

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        Every year I come to Dallas for the North Texas Irish Festival, and I hit Cafe Brazil 3-4 times each visit. I would love for them to come to Memphis, but they haven't even gone to Fort Worth yet!

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          yes, good stuff. I'm kinda suprised they haven't gone to a new city too. They're all over the place in Dallas.

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        I WANT to like Cafe Brazil. I like their menu and we used to go all of the time on weekends but maybe that was our mistake. It seems when they are rushed during brekfast or lunch, the food kinda gets thrown together and service can be spotty.

        It's almost impossible to find a good Dallas resto for Saturday or Sunday breakfast that isn't packed.

      3. Try Cafe Toulouse. Good French bistro

        1. I think Taverna has a very good brunch on Saturday and Sunday. They have bottomless mimosas, too. Here is the web site:


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            Love Taverna! They also have bottomless bellinis.

          2. I still love the original Dream Cafe for brunch in the quadrangle, although their patio has shrunk. Forget La Duni - we starve waiting for our food to arrive.

            1. I was pretty sad about Ciudad closing, too. But, you can still get those $1.00 margaritas at the Sunday Brunch at Monica's Aca Y Alla. The food is no where near as good, though.

              1. Perfect. Exactly what I've been looking for. I had no idea Toulouse had breakfast, I've only stopped in for wine and muscles, which are usually really good. I'm sure the brunch is excellent. I've never been to Taverna (botomless bellinis! that could mean a luch time cab home) or Dream Cafe, they look good and they're definitely on my list now. thanks!

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                  Toulouse and Taverna are owned by the same group.

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                    Along with Toulouse and Taverna, Lombardi also owns La Cubanita that also serves brunch which is also located close to the knox area. Haven't been to the brunch yet there, but i can say Toulouse and Taverna are really good.

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                      Had Taverna brunch on Saturday, it was very good and exactly what we were looking for. Plus close to Knox shopping to walk off those mimosas. Food was really good (eggs benedict, chorizo/manchego omlet) and the service was fast and friendly. Would certainly go back. Thanks for the suggestion.

                  1. Garden Cafe? Or is that too far east?

                    1. Another place i just saw that is doing Brunch again (also called the Sunday Hangover Brunch or something like that) is Kitchen 1924 in Lakewood. Dinner is great so i imagine the brunch will be too (and at a cheaper price no less). And I think there is a Bloody Mary bar - extra bonus!