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Feb 21, 2008 11:25 AM

Michigan-Top Bars and Restaurants close to Sommerset Mall?

A friend of mine and her husband will be going to Sommerset Mall in Troy for their anniversary. Please give me a few ideas on the best places for them to go both for bars and restaurants. Something trendy, age appropriate (they are 30), with a good atmosphere, and food. Thank you.

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  1. There's a Smith & Wollensky right there. It's an upscale chain. There's also Shulas. Is there a Morton's still around there? Maybe i'm thinking of elsewhere for Morton's.

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    1. re: Fibber McGee

      Smith & Wollensky? where? are you referring to McCormick & Schmick's perhaps? Yes, there's a Morton's and pretty much across Big Beaver, there's also Ruth's Chris.

      1. re: hoi polloi

        I could have sworn i have driven by a Smith & Wollensky on Coolidge, but it was a couple years ago. I have gotten the two confused.

        McCormick & Schmick's has outstanding bar happy hour specials. Cheap eats, good drink prices.

        1. re: Fibber McGee

          McCormick & Schmicks is terrible. Talk about the worlds smallest portions and worst service. Did you really say cheap? I think your very confused. Expect to pay $25 for a four ounce piece of fish. Absolutly My lowest recommendation for the area. There has never been a Smith & Wollensky here.
          Capital Grille, Brio and PF Changs are in the mall. Schulas and Mortons are right down the street as is Larkos Italian Chop House, Bahama Breeze, Ruth's Chriss (not so great in Troy) and several other chain restaurants.
          The Capital grill and Schulas both have the best bar scene in the area. I'd suggest doing a search here on the Kona Grill before you decide to try that.

          1. re: Docsknotinn

            I was referring to their bar-only happy hour specials. I've never had a problem but I've never been to the Troy location.

    2. I would suggest Capital Grille - have a drink in the bar and a meal thereafter. But better for an anniversity and for a choice of restaurants and bar its a short drive to Birmingham - I would pick Forte or Flemings for food, there is a good bar scene at Cameron's steak house. 220 is a great choice too.

      1. Go a little bit further down BigBeaver (east to livernois) and find the Kona Grill.
        Japanese/Hawaiian fusion. Sushi is good there, some unique rolls, good menu, seafood etc. Ribs are different--in the good way.

        atmosphere is lively, patio bar open even in the cold of winter, fire place and heaters in the rafters. We are happy there for most business lunches, and colleagues have gone there for dinner. meets the trendy pre-req.

        make your way over to B-Ham for "Streetside Seafood". Small and cozy, very lively at night. Tight seating. 273 Pierce St just south of Maple, west of woodward

        Down to Maple betwixed Crooks and Collidge for "Shilla" (Japanese and Korean). Cook at the table yourself, get decent sushi. Fun and different