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Feb 21, 2008 11:11 AM


Is it just me who is addicted to the vitamuffins and vitatops? I think they are such a great snack!!!

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  1. I like them for breakfast. Just add fruit and I'm set.

    1. Really? I bought a pack and thought they were a big waste of money.Even after a stint in the toaster oven, they're completely mushy.

      1. Are these the things Hungry Girl promotes? If so, I think these are the nastiest things. I tried the chocolate peanut butter chip kind, and I threw it out. Trust me, I can usually handle--and like--diety food.

        1. My parents love them, but I find them dry and a bit chalky... I don't eat them regularly b/c of the gluten, but when I have, I've never found them properly sweet. They're better though nuked in the microwave, or under some vanilla fro yo...

          1. I have tried the muffin tops and thought they were horrible. I'm all about fiber and healthy eating but I couldn't stomach anymore.

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              I put them in the microwave for 30 seconds and put some jam on it, and they are good...and they are portable to bring on a plane as a snack.