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Feb 21, 2008 10:36 AM

Baked Macaroni as a main...what sides?

making baked macaroni as a main dish to try out these mini casserole dishes I bought, not for a dinner party or anything special, just for myself really. But looking for some good "sides" suggestions.


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  1. I love steamed broccoli with mac and cheese. I guess I like green vegetables with it because I also think sauteed spinach goes really well too.

    1. Cheese and tomatoes always worked for jfood. did you make a great tomato soup a couple of weeks ago that you posted? Maybe as a side you could try some tomatoes under the broiler with some good cheese all gooey on top.

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        hmmm, sounds like an option.

        I'm thinking now...that I might want to do the mac and cheese as a side....or a "co-side" with some chicken tenders and either peas or some baby tomatos under the broiler with some left over cheese that I have. (i think i have some moz, gruyere, and parm)

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          Baby crab cakes or even tuna salad, almost any kind of sauteed greens (including spinach, kale, even mustard greens if you like a little bite). Also cole slaw.

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            My favorite side dish with mac'n'cheese is broiled tomatoes, but I do mine topped with just some freshly-crushed garlic, a drizzle of olive oil, a little S&P and a well-distributed pinch of herbes de Provence. Then for some crunchy greenery I like fresh creamy cole slaw, though a small salad with some frisée and sliced endives is maybe a tad more elegant, if you like.

          2. For me, it's easy:
            peas, baked beans and potato chips. Can NOT eat baked beans without potato chips to scoop them up with. Bush's beans if I'm in a rush; homemade more often than not.

            My mom always did stewed tomatoes with mac n cheese.

            1. I suggest steamed asparagus. check out my pic:

              1. Definitely greens like collards to cut the richness of the baked macaroni (I'm assuming you mean macaroni and cheese).

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                  I always love collards with baked macaroni, though my recipe, flavored with bacon and smoked pork, does very little to cut back on "richness" I'm afraid! You might also consider going with some stuffed tomatoes or peppers as a light side.