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Feb 21, 2008 10:13 AM

San Antonio/ Riverwalk - Final Four Weekend help!

We will be staying at a Riverwalk hotel. Looking for the BESTS around (steak, mexican, etc...) No chains please. Anything that is accessible from there - walk, cab, shuttle I guess.

Please recommend where we should eat, what we don't want to miss!
Lunch, Dinner, drinks, specialty food item places (anything that is noteworthy there)

Also, if a place needs a reservation I'd like to make it soon- I know there will be crowds!

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  1. All of the following are local. All are walk or take a cab.

    Steak: Bohanan's Prime Steaks & Seafood, A great fois gras starter and a wonderful room. On Houston St. Make reservations.

    Sandwiches: Schilo's Delicatessen on Commerce. You won't find the mile-high NY style deli sandwiches, but it's pretty good.

    Carib-infuenced: Azuca on S.Alamo. Good food, and good thing you're not trying to find a parking spot on the weekend.

    Continental: Le Frite Belgian Bistro on (? S Alamo ?)...great hanger steak and moulles frites.

    After dinner quiet time: Havana Riverwalk's Club Cohiba. Order your drinks at the bar, and then go up the steps to the right, take a left onto the quietest veranda on the river.

    Google any of these appended with "San Antonio," and you'll have no trouble finding addresses and phone numbers [i'm lazy, so sue me]

    1. I had two very good meals in San Antonio this weekend, but each restaurant is a cab ride from the Riverwalk area. The first was at Dough up at 6989 Blanco, near the airport. It was about a $20 cab ride to get up there but very much worth it -- great Neapolitan pizza. The polenta cake dessert was delicious. Dough's been open about three months. The other was at Liberty Bar at 328 East Josephine, about an $8 cab ride from my hotel. Had the lamb burger and a glass of pinot noir at the bar. Just what I needed. Good luck!

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        "no chains please."

        I COMPLETELY understand. The problem? There aren't that many non-chains on the riverwalk anymore.

        As for steaks, downtown, there are the regulars... The Palm and Ruth's Chris. Bohanan's is the only local one worth going to.

        Mexican? Rosario's just south of downtown and El Mirador are your best bets in downtown.

        The most celebrated restaurants downtown are Biga on the Banks and Le Reve. Both require reservations. Both are VERY expensive. Concequently, I have not been to either. There are plenty of very good restaurants in town that don't require dealing with downtown traffic.

        For the final four, I'd suggest hanging around at the Hotel Valencia. Citrus is a darned good restaurant...and the hotel is usually where all the stars stay.

        The offical hotel for the final four is the grand hyatt... but it's still being built. I'm not about to trust a restaurant that just opened.

        The teams stay at the westin... usually. The rich alumni stay at the la mansion del rio. The celebs stay at the hotel valencia... or way out at the westin la cantera.

        Here's another plug for the liberty bar. No reservations needed. Great Food.

        1. re: radiowh0re

          thanks everyone- this is good info. Are there any specialty food items or places that are "known" as really good in San Antonio? ( Philly the soft pretzels, Cappagiro gelato)--- Like any "not miss" places while visiting?

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            Right by Rosario's is La Focaccia (Italian) which is very good. It's a short walk up Alamo from the Riverwalk.

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              I second the El Mirado suggestion. Try to go on Saturday for the soupa azteca (before noon, or she will run out). Unfortunately, the riverwalk has been overtaken (but not totally surrendered to chains). Biga, Boudros, and Las Canarias are all excellent choices.

              San Antonio has become a chain restaurant town for the most part. Every intersection looks the same unless you go to the West side for the wonderful tacquerias. I recently moved to Dallas and have been enjoying the many individually owned restaurants which can be found all over the city!

          2. Bohanan's was the #2 rated steakhouse in Texas Monthly magazine, and they have Wagyu beef available. And it is a short walk down the river.

            1. can't go wrong w/ the suggestions already here, but for Mexican I would add Aldaco's at Sunset Station, right next to the Alamodome. Very good Mexican and w/i walking distance.

              1. I can agree with all the rec. listed, but want to add that you should plan to "trolley" to any of the places. Easy and cheap and goes everywhere. For breakfast trolley to the Gunther House for a real Texas treat...It's at the site of the orginal flour mill in San Antonio. Have a drink at the bar of the Menger Hotel and check out the pictures. The Tlapeno soup at Aldaco's should be at the top of your list for Mexican food! Enjoy our beautiful city while you ride the trolley.