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Feb 21, 2008 10:13 AM

Esparks in Woodside

Just noticed this, sign must've gone up very recently. There's an Esparks opening up in the old hallmark store across 59th street from Engelines. I've read mixed things here and elsewhere about Esparks. My first reaction was that the basic area could be well served by a coffee-shop with wi-fi and seating and whatnot, even if it is a Starbucks clone and not a cute little homey place. The awning also says "sparksberry". Maybe they're doing yogurt as well?

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  1. Hadn't seen that and I walked by there just recently. I'll check it out. Their website shows Woodsite, among others outside of Queens, as a location..... hmmmm

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      This is bad news. Esparks is positively awful; they use real espresso machines and grinders, but don't hire people who know/care about coffee. There's very little training. Plus, the beans they use are cheap, stale, and even more over-roasted than Starbucks. I once purchased a bag of beans from the Astoria store, ground some up, loaded up my espresso machine, and it gagged, wheezed, and coughed up a rancid, crema-free mess that tasted like cigarette ash.

      I wonder how their Pinkberry ripoff will be. Maybe if y'all are lucky, they'll open up an Efara Pizzeria, too.

      1. re: PAL

        Gawd that sounds positively awful. Was just starting get to excited about getting an espresso within walking distance of my aparment.

        1. re: PAL

          and Sparksprhaphai? Sparksy and Tasty?

          Too bad. I love this little intersection of woodside and look forward to more interesting things joining the pleasant options already here.

      2. To me it tastes like motor oil mixed with mud and water. Disgusting.

        1. Sersiously, that signin huge. I don't see how I could have possibly missed it unless it went up in the last week. It looks just awful.

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