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Feb 21, 2008 09:54 AM

Manhattan Beach breakfast for 30 people

I'm trying to get a breakfast for 30 people in Manhattan Beach or the vicinity. Can you recommend a spot that can accomodate a group of that size? Quality isn't as much of an issue...

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  1. The Local Yolk
    3414 Highland Ave
    Manhattan Beach, CA 90254
    (310) 546-4407

    1. The Marmalade Cafe in El Segundo Plaza has ample room and parking for a party of that size.

      Food is so-so, but they have some interesting omelletes.

      You can also try Sharkeez if its on a weekend. They have enough space for 30..never been for breakfast but they do have some good bar food....i would imagine the breakfasts would be pretty decent.

      Maybe Indoor at Henesseys they could gave enough tables for 30 too. The Kettle may be too busy to be able to block off 30 people.

      1. Zinc Restaurant at Shade Hotel, located right in downtown MB. I would also recommend the new Crepe place down on Highland Ave.