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Feb 21, 2008 09:42 AM

Kosher Food & Wine Experience

Did anyone go to the "2008 Kosher Food & Wine Experience"? Reviews and updates on any new kosher goodies would be appreciated.

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  1. It was mostly the same wines and wineries as last year, with very few new wines. I was a little disappointed that Yatir wasn't there, as a few of their wines have gotten great reviews recently and I haven't had a chance to try any of them.

    Of the handful of new ones, the most interesting to me was from Capcanes, which has added a Peraj Petita in addition to its excellent Peraj Ha'abib. The Petita was good and, at around $20, much more affordable than the $50 Ha'abib, but it's no Ha'abib.

    It was the tequila that everyone was talking about, though. Casa Vieja makes a blanco version and an anejo version. I didn't bother with the blanco, but the anejo, which they age three years, was outstanding - smooth, deep and, maybe most importantly, kosher for passover (OU). The owners said it sells for about $55 and is distributed here by Royal, so it should be available pretty widely. Expensive, yes, but closer to a fine single malt than to the cheap tequila we remember from college. It was the best thing I tasted all night.

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    1. re: LI Guy

      please elaborate or provide a link regarding the kosher tequila?

      NVM, found it. the blanco's around $42 while the anejo is $67

      I wonder how long we have to wait till the newly printed
      kosher certified labels show up in the reseller channel,
      or have they been kosher for a while now? I wonder
      because there is no mention of them on Royal's sight.

      1. re: Joe Berger

        They told me it was certified for a while by a Mexican org, and the OU certification is more recent, but I'm not sure how recent.

        1. re: LI Guy

          If anyone is looking for an affordable AƱejo
          (aged 3 years) 100% Agave Tequila that is
          also OU Kosher, in a cool looking bottle;

          Sol Deios Anejo 750ML
          many local stores already stock this brand.

          I doubt this is any different than
          Casa Viejo Tequila Anejo
          costing 50% more

          this bottle would make an amazing Purim seudah gift,
          or you can use the 50ml bottles for Sh'lach Manot.

          you can drink it neat, or mix it cold 1:1 with your
          favorite low alcohol fruit liquor for a tasty warm buzz.
          I'm enjoying it so much now with my Pisang Ambon,
          which I avoided till now because it was too sweet
          and lame for straight consumption.

          1. re: Joe Berger

            How was the food? I recall that someone on this board wrote that last year there was not enough food.

            1. re: inky

              My daughter wound up going, suffice it to say that she went to Prime Grill afterwards.

              1. re: inky

                The food was pretty good, though with mostly Chinese stir-fry, sushi, and beef tortillas it wasn't a great match for wine. There was plenty of it, too. They did run out of things periodically, but everything got continually replenished. I went with some pretty demanding food connoiseurs (and big eaters) and we all went home satisfied.

                But really, the point of the food was not to be a memorable culinary experience ... more just to feed everyone who comes for the wine. The name "Food and Wine Experience" gives the impression that they are equals at the event, which is just not the case.

            1. re: cweissman

              anyone have a good recommendation for a kosher champagne or prosecco in the $10-15 range?

              1. re: joekarten

                Bartenura is the only kosher prosecco I've seen in that price range.