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Feb 21, 2008 09:36 AM

Pink Curing Salt/Prague Powder

Hey guys,

Wondering if anyone knows where one could pick up Pink Curing Salt - otherwise known as Prague Powder #1. Tried Halford Hide luck.

Thanks guys

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  1. Do you mean pink salt as in salt peter?? The kind that causes foie gras terrines etc. to stay pink? Nitrates?? If so, I can hook you up.

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    1. re: formerlyfingers

      Im not sure if it's salt peter - it's used to cure meat (bacon in this specific case) - it's a mix of salt, nitrates, and pink coloring so you don't mistake it for regular salt. My understanding is that it's 6.25% nitrate composition.

      1. re: formerlyfingers

        im having trouble finding salt peter for my cured meats ,where can i get it fingers

        1. re: howlin

          I have about a kg of it in my possession at home. I procured it from Valbella in Canmore, with whom I have a professional relationship. It isn't available at the retail level but if you ask for "pink salt" they just may hook you up.

        2. re: formerlyfingers

          I ordered mine from They are a Canadian company based out of Langley, BC, so shipping is easy. Their website is not the greatest, so here is a direct link to Prague Powder #1:

          Where are you getting your pork belly?

        3. Hey Yen-san,

          What you are looking for is sodium nitrite, (NaNo2.) This is Prague Powder #1, or Pink Curing Salt.

          The other curing salt is sodium nitrate, or Prague Powder #2, (NaNo3). This is used for dry curing, and in the presence of hot temperatures, reseachers tells us, can create the much dreaded, and carcionegic nitrosamines.

          As to where you can find it locally...if there is isn't a restaurant supply vendor in your area, try either a butcher shop that makes sausages, or a local restaurant that does their own charcuterie. Both the butcher and the chef of the restaurant will probably just give you a couple of ounces, (which will last you a long time) just in the cause of customer service.


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          1. re: AndyP


            Arigato gozaimasu!

            That's great information - im just learning to cure meats, but the terminology seems so inconsistent, it can get confusing to me :) It's definitely Sodium Nitrite im looking for then - i had to look twice to see the difference between NaNo2 and NaNo3 (other than an extra oxygen molecule :) ).

            I will try a restaurant or butcher.

            1. re: yen

              You don't want pink salt do you? - any local restaurant doing curing or charcuterie would'nt want anything to do with it either if they were worth a damn. Natural smoke and uniodized salt are the old school equivalent.

              1. re: Gobstopper

                halford hide carries belmont cure, which is what I use, its 5% sodium nitrite, 95% salt where as prague powder is 6.25% sodium nitrite, 93.75% salt.

                1. re: criticalcritic

                  Thanks CC. I called Halford hide yesterday, but they couldnt give me a breakdown of the composition of belmont cure. That's good to know.

                2. re: Gobstopper

                  Yes i do. Unlike a few local restaurants, i don't have the facilities, nor the time to dry age my meat. I have a shell of an old BBQ on my patio off my apartment.

                  And pink salt does other things - like FF mentioned, retains color in terrines and torchons. Since Keller uses it for color retention, and i think his restaurant is worth a damn, i wouldnt be surprised if restaurants of all ilks have some.

            2. Is Prague powder made with Kosher Salt or plain table salt? This would change the weight by volume of nitrite in brine cure. A Kosher Prague powder would have a specific gravity of 1.65, or 1.65 oz by weight for each oz of volume. Table salt, on the other hand has a specific gravity of 2.16. There would be more nitrite by a ratio of 2.16/1.65 by weight in the table salt product. NaNo2 has a specific gravity very close to table salt. As nitrite is only 6.25% of Prague powder by weight it wouldn't add much to the Kosher calculation and almost nothing to the table salt nitrite/weight calculation.
              Thanks for any help,

              Constantly struggling with my level of ignorance

              1. Hi, I know this is quite old but was doing some research along the same lines.
                In case you still need a supplier I found this one.

                1. i bought prague powder 1 at halfords last week

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                  1. re: howlin

                    I am based in the Midlands and wondered if anyone knew where I could get some pink curing salt, I need this desperate, it seems impossible to purchase. I need to cure a ham this weekend and then smoke it to all be ready by next Friday so any other ideas on how to cure without this product would be welcome.

                    1. re: Mickiwicks

                      I bought some at Bass Pro shop at the crossiron mills mall.
                      the called it Lem Cure , upstairs in the area where they have smokers, etc.
                      very interesting place I must say.