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Feb 21, 2008 09:31 AM

Best Cheap Breakfast in Hatboro/Horsham/Willow Grove?

Moved to Horsham from South Philly and I just can't find a really good, cheap breakfast joint in the area. (We were spoiled by Sabrina's Cafe and Morning Glory Diner in the city.) Are there any good breakfast joints in the area, besides the ever popular Lancer's Diner?? (Those yellow pancakes at Lancer's freak me out.)

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  1. I don't know how cheap it is but Otto's used to do a good breakfast.

    1. I have always been partial to Lochel's on York Rd. in Hatboro and the Eagle Diner at York and Street Roads in Warminster. The first is definitely CH worthy. I like the Eagle because they automatically give two tea bags to us tea drinkers as well as good diner food. Nothing wrong with Lancer's Diner. Otto's and Alexander's (now called something different) are both over-priced -- way over-priced if you are looking for "cheap."

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        I would suggest Daddy Pop's in Hatboro. Good and cheap. Otto's isn't that expensive for breakfast if you get a buffet, and you are a big eater. A weekend only expierence for breakfast/brunch is Tortllas on old york road. I like their huevos rancheros.

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          I heartily second Daddypops - it is THE place to go. Real homefries, great pancakes, it's just the right thing.

          Otto's.... I don't know. I haven't been there for breakfast admittedly, but I've had enough awful dinners there to not want to go back.

          I've heard good things about that tiny diner across from the Willow Grove mall, but haven't been. Anyone tried it?

          But yeah... go to Daddypops!

      2. Its the next town over in Ambler, but I really like Zina's Kitchen on Butler Ave. It is a tiny hole in the wall, but everything is delicous, homemade, and very cheap. They have good standards like pancakes, omeletes, etc., but my favorite is the nutella filled homemade crepes for only $2.25.

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          I have to agree with DaddyPops, especially the pancakes The only drawback is the size, It is really small which can lead to long waits.

          Further north on York Road in a shopping center just south of Street Road is Little Leo's. Nothing fancy, just good solid reasonably priced breakfasts.

          Finally, on 611 across from the Willow Grove Air Station is the Red Lion Diner.
          They have a large varied menu, again nothing exotic, a diner with good breakfast options.

          All of these places are cheaper than Morning Glory and Sabrina's. However,
          the menus are more basic at all of them. For example, no breakfast Morning Glory

        2. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I've been meaning to give Daddypops a try. Do they serve breakfast all the time? Do you happen to know their hours? What would be the best time to go to avoid the crowds? My only reservation is that I heard it's small and that they allow smoking throughout. I'm not a fan of eating anything in a smoking section and neither is my boyfriend who has horrible ashtma. . . . Is that true?

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            They open early, but close at 2 every day and serve breakfast until then. It's kind of a crapshoot as to when it'll be emptier on the weekends... if it's just the two of you, though, the wait won't be horrible if you're willing to take a seat at the counter.

            The smoking thing does stink, and it is really tiny. Neither my husband or I are asthmatic, so we just grin and bear it because we love the breakfast there so much... but it might bother your boyfriend.

          2. The best place I found both price & portion wise would be the Eagle Diner at York Rd and Street Rd. If you're a fan of scrapple or pork roll as your meats of choice with breakfast, you're in for a real treat. The pork roll is extra thick, and they give you 3 pieces. They aren't like a lot of places, where it's about the same thickness of bacon, they are almost 1/4" thick each, and the scrapple is about 3/4" thick. Nice and crispy on the outside, and soft and chewy inside. The kids meals are also a GREAT deal. I can get a full breakfast for my wife and I, and our 3 kids for about $20. Try it out, I used to drive from Ambler to eat there, but now I'm in Hatboro, so it's quite a bit closer.

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              Can't say I am a fan of Daddypops, but it was just on an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on FoodTV. Unfortunately, in typical FoodTV fashion, they only focused on scrapple and really nothing else.

              I haven't lived in the area in years, but Otto's does a nice breakfast, although I woudn't call it "cheap".