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Feb 21, 2008 09:30 AM

East Coast Beer Run

Plan on making my annual fear and loathing pilgrimage from Raleigh to New Hampshire to visit relatives.
This is the transparent pretext I give my wife every year......along the route I just so happen to make unintended detours to Victory Brewing in Downington Pa, and Stoudt"s in Adamstown, with a dogleg left to Senapes Bakery in Hazleton for some boxes of their Pitza to sustain me on this arduous journey.
Addicted to well hopped Pilsners, Pale Ales, IPA's.....just shy of say Sierra's Bigfoot...this detour involves packing the back of the chariot with Prima Pils, Hop Wallop (when available), growlers of Victorys freshly hopped harvest seasonal, Stoudt's Pils, Pale Ale.....miss the champagne bottles...
Route is usually 85 to 95 to 476 to 81 to 84 , and on up 91...
Looking to make other "detours", but not necessarily take 2 weeks to get to New Hampshire....have some wiggle room, but have already used the alien abduction ploy once....and the wife 's seen me kick a Keebler Elf's ass one time so the kidnapped line won't fly.
Looking for similar styles/profiles....that might somehow find their way into the vehicle.
Thanks for any suggestions/recommendations.
I am a guy......that occasionally suffers from short term memory loss....debbieg2210....don't ask.

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  1. Going that route, you should be hitting Shangy's (if you already don't- it's right off of 476- but you'll probably have to backtrack some via 78). No website that I know of but here's a story and Googling "Shangy's, The Beer Authority" will get you a number of hits (and some critical reviews, as well- gotta watch the date codes- but that's true everywhere, I think).

    As for beers, the Bear Republic and Bells beers are now in PA, and the locally brewed Troegs Nugget Nectar just hit the shelves for the season (and is going fast).

    1. I believe that Weyerbacher is within striking distance between 476 and 81 (Easton, PA). They sell beer from 12-3 Saturdays only at their production facility. From what I understand they will not be making much more Double Simcoe IPA due to the hop shortage but you can get it there while it lasts. They only sell cases. I picked up a bunch of their 12th Anniversary ale which is a Rye Barleywine. It needs time. They offer some other "wood soaked" stuff that is harder to find in stores.
      Also to let you know Victory's Brewpub will have limited service thru March and be shut down for the entire month of April for renovations. As an alternative I would suggest Slyfox brewpub which is about 20-30 minutes up Route 113. I think that their Pikeland Pils (available in cans for takeaway at the brewpub) is a match for Prima (but that's just me). They also do a Pale, Weiss and Dunkel in cans for takeaway. They do growlers and offer some of their weirder and heavier stuff in 750ml.


      "Without the East Coast there would be no decent lager in the United States" - Chinon00

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        There are decent lagers made on the West Coast, you just don't get them out there. Lightning and Ballast Point are two San Diego brewers that do great lagers.

        1. re: Josh

          Yeah, I was being a little tongue-in-cheek with that comment. And not to hijack the post but there is a perception that the West Coast is more about ale.

      2. New Hampshire's own, Smuttynose. I've only been able to try their IPA, but it's fantastic. Their other beers are supposed to be very good as well.

        1. McNeills in Brattleboro, VT. It's definitely the best brewpub that I've been to on the east coast, probably the best in New England. If you're looking to pick some up, they sell 22 oz bottles at the bar and at the coop just down the street (only one in town, just ask where the coop is). The best options are the Firehouse Amber Ale, the Imperial Stout, or sit down at the bar and have whatever's on cask.

          1. "Addicted to well hopped Pilsners..."

            When is your trip? Troegs Sunshine Pils is a fantastic, hoppy pilsner. It's usually out in April.