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Cook'n With Class- Cooking Classes in Montmartre

Has anyone taken any cooking classes through this cooking school in Montmartre (Paris)? Eric Fraudeau is the instructor, and I was directed to their website via some site I found on Google. They actually have a nice website, and it's all in English too: http://www.cooknwithclass.com/index.html.

A friend and I are looking to possibly take a four- to five-day course in December, but Le Courdon Bleu only has short courses then, so we need to find something else. It doesn't make sense for us to fly from California to Paris for something like that.

It seems like Cook'n with Class might be an option, as they offer day and evening courses, and a combination thereof. I'm just wondering if these all-day courses tend to repeat day-over-day, or if someone could attend more than one in the same week.

If anyone has had any experience with Cook'n with Class, please let me know. Thanks!

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  1. I just looked at the web site, and it looks great. sounds like it has potential to be an all round great experience.

    1. I just looked too. When are you going? I am thinking of signing my daughter up for a day.The Cordon Blue one wasnt when we are there..bummer

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        I'm actually a college counselor, so the fall is really busy for me, but we have a nice break in December. I think two of us might try to go then, or possibly at the beginning of January (New Years!).

        I loved their website too, and it seems like a very well-structured, yet laid back setting. And it's in a great location! My mom and I went to Paris last May for her birthday/Mother's Day and we stayed in an apartment literally around the corner from where this is.

        I actually emailed them to ask the same question I posted here regarding the repeating of the all-day courses. So, once they reply, I'll post what they said here.

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          I actually got a reply from Chef Eric Fraudeau himself :) Very impressed with his response, and will likely book our classes here.

          This is what he said:

          It is possible to take more than 1 class and the menus will be totally different.

          This is how it works for the morning class;

          We meet at the market at 9h30, and then we go shopping for all the ingredients. We will decide the menu there with all the students. Sometimes we even do 2 main courses to please everybody.

          After shopping we walk to the school, 5mn only. We have around 2h30 of cooking, It is a hands-on class.

          Then we sit down around 1pm, to eat what we have prepared, (3 course lunch + cheese) with a nice bottle of wine.

          Usually the class end around 2h00 PM. You can also invite a guest to join you (35 euros)

          This is how it works for the evening class;

          We meet at the school at 5h30, we have around 2h30 of cooking, It is a hands-on class. Then we sit down, around 8pm, to eat what we have prepared, (3 course dinner) with 3 different wines to taste that go well with the food. Before eating dessert we have a cheese tasting (5 cheeses)
          Usually the class end around 9 PM.

          The price of each class is 135€ per person and include, taxes, food, wine, cheese and fun. (No more than 6 students per class) All classes are taught in English.

          We accept various forms of payment but the simplest is by credit card through our PayPal account.

          My thoughts:

          For the cost and attention this program seemingly offers, I think it's probably an incredible bargain, particularly since they limit the class size to six people. It's also nice that the classes are taught in English, although I hope I can relegate myself to only speaking in French so I can perfect it. I love that you shop for the food in local markets for these classes- it's such a useful tool for students young and old, and I think it will really add to the overall experience.

          I'll report back after we go, but if anyone hooks up with Chef Eric and Cook'n with Class before that, please let me know.


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            Kylie, that sounds wonderful. I hope you will report back on how the classes and experience were after you return. This is something I would find valuable to try, and to suggest to others.


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              I haven't taken the class, but we rented an aprtment from Chef Eric's girlfriend (or fiance - sorry I'm not sure which!) through her agency feelslikehomeinparis.com. She was offering her rental clients some foie gras that the chef made as an extra "feature". I think at that time he was just getting ready to start his classes. Anyway, the foie gras was really yummy, and Eric and Yetunde were great to deal with. I know that my mom would LOVE to take a class, so please report back with your experiences so that I can file it away for next time!

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                You got it! I definitely will, and I appreciate your feedback concerning their rental service. Chef Eric passed that information along to me, and while I already have something in mind that's right around the corner from where they hold the classes, if it isn't available, I plan to use them. So, thanks for letting me know that you had a good experience with them. They seem great!

                I don't think we'll be going until December (as previously mentioned), but I'll be happy to report back after we return. Pretty excited about this!

                ~ Kyle

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              that sounds great! and like a great deal, I would love to do something like this.

        2. I have a morning class scheduled with them on March 22. I'll report back.

          1. I am signing up for June 3rd am.. anybody else around?

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              My wife and I are treating our 20 yr. old grand daughter for her birthday to a morning class with chef Eric on May 13. We will be with her as well.

            2. I took a class with Chef Eric when I was in France last month. It was fabulous. We began by discussing everyone's food preferences and decided on what kind of food we were interested in -- all agreed on seafood, with something involving fruit & chocolate for dessert. Eric guided us through the market at Montmartre, giving tips on how to locate the freshest/best quality ingredients (product placement is key). He is also well-versed in what is and isn't available in the US or Canada (our group was a mix of people from both), particularly in cheese -- so, for example, we had a chance to select some cheeses that we might never have had an opportunity to taste otherwise. This part of the class alone was worth the price of admission for me, as I have always been a bit intimidated by the markets in Paris.

              We returned to the cooking school and prepared a fabulous lunch -- salmon quiche, fish with mussels in a saffron cream sauce, mache salad (with the perfect vinaigrette, of course), finishing with strawberries with balsamic vinegar and molten chocolate cakes with a citrus/avocado/banana sauce. As we were preparing the dishes, he made sure to highlight the techniques we needed to know and provided instruction as needed.

              The menu was simple enough to be easily completed within a reasonable time, but each dish was creative and absolutely delicious. Not a misstep. I was also happy to find that I was able to replicate all of the dishes at home (thanks to the recipes Chef Eric kindly provided, of course!).

              I thoroughly enjoyed the class, and will certainly take another if I am in Paris again. One note: the class was precisely what I was looking for -- a thorough introduction to the market, and a hands-on class that focused on fresh and flavorful dishes I could make at home in a reasonable amount of time. If you are looking for a more elaborate or challenging menu, I am sure Chef Eric could accommodate you -- the classes are completely geared towards the participants' interests, and he is clearly a talented chef and instructor -- but that does not seem to be the focus of the school.

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                Awesome! Thank you so much! This is exactly what I'm looking for, and I'll be taking a class with him in January. Really excited! The tickets are booked and the apartment has been rented. Now, it's time to figure out how to fast-forward the calendar :)

              2. I just returned from Paris last week! My friend gifted me with a wonderful day of cooking and exploring the markets with chef Eric (what a fantastic birthday gift!). We both had a fantastic time, as did the other participants. Chef Eric made us all feel so relaxed, that our experience both in the markets and in class were that of absolute comfort. After the day of learning, cooking,eating & laughing we all agreed that it felt as if we were in a friend's kitchen in Paris! I have taken classes in Toronto, New York, and other parts of both Canada and the US...this by far was the most "hands on", relaxing one I have ever done. Chef Eric is really on to something! I will do it again-would love to bring my husband next time!!

                1. While in Paris in October of 2008, I took 3 cooking classes and one stood out above the rest. Cook'n with class with Chef Eric Fraudeau is a must if you are interested in taking a cooking class in Paris. The class size is small limited to 6 students and Chef Eric shares a wealth of information on how to shop for cheese, breads, fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry and seafood. The day starts off at a farmers market where you will discuss the day's menu. Afterwhich is a short 10 minutes stroll to Chef Eric's commercial kitchen, which is small but has everything needed to make a great meal. The class is very hands on so you can expect to cut, slice, chop, rub, cook and bake. The end result is a fabulous meal. The menu for my class included the following: Chanterelle salad, Mussels stew with fish and saffron cream sauce, marinated quail and duck breast, cheese and wine, and Moelleux au chocolat (chocolate lava cake). The only negative was that I had to wait 2 weeks until I got copies of the recipes via email. I was so inspired to duplicate what I've just learned for my family so waiting for the recipe was a bit difficult. However, once I recieved the recipes, the meal was easy to make. Chef Eric was also very good with responding to my emails with questions regarding the recipes. Cook'n with class is one of the few English speaking class offered in Paris and well worth the price. Tiana

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                    can't wait! My husband & I are signed up for the morning cooking class in December. I'll be sure to report back, that is IF I come back <hehehe>

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                      Let me add to the positive reviews:
                      Our class with Chef Eric of Cookin' With Class was the highlight of our trip this year. It was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. As others described above, he meets you at the metro stop and from there takes you through the markets, offering interesting stories and bits of information along the way - everything from a discussion of what's in season to how cheese is laid out in the fromagerie to a real lesson in the ins and outs of French butcher shops. There were only 4 of us in the class, which gave us lots of time to ask questions. We decided on a fennel and orange salad topped with grilled shrimp (with a fabulous spice mix on the shrimp), pureed celery root and potatoes, guinea fowl in a creamy mushroom sauce (to take advantage of all of the mushrooms that are in season), a selection of cheese and some great bread, and for dessert, pears poached in red wine and spices.

                      We went back to Chef Eric's kitchen to prepare the meal. Everything is laid out perfectly. It amazed me how Chef Eric was able to coordinate the meal while talking and making us feel relaxed. We each had a station with a cutting board and knives, so we all did prep. After the chopping was over we started drinking some wine while we continued to cook (everyone takes turns so that every person has a hand in the preparation). Finally we sat down to a really delicous meal that we had prepared. Chef Eric sent us the recipes by email a few days later (our class was on a Friday and he told us that he sends out his recipes on Mondays).

                      It was truly great! I know that I probably sound like a broken record but I can't help it - I can't recommend this class enough. It was such an enjoyable experience and I hope that we have the opportunity to do it again someday.

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                        I'll chime in too -- I took Eric's class during my trip to Paris three weeks ago and loved it. The market experience is worth the cost, but add a fabulous meal with my favorite things (mussels, duck breast, fresh figs, amazing cheese, bread, wine . . .) PLUS good conversation (all in English) and it's a perfect way to spend a chunk of a day -- I would definitely go again. I don't know how the day & evening combination would work, but I don't think it would be boring! (And my husband did a bike tour with Fat Tire while I cooked, so he was happy too!)

                  2. My wife and I took the Morning Market Class during our April visit to Paris. Our chef, Christian Aubert, met us in the Montemarte district exactly as planned. We were joined by another couple and off we went to the various markets. Christian was very friendly and knowledgeable about the city and we had a great time perusing fish, cheese, bread, and produce shops. After we decided as a group on the ingredients we wanted, we went back to the school and began the cooking portion. It was great fun learning from Christian some techniques to cook foods I was unfamiliar with. Things like celery root and monkfish were new to us and turned out wonderfully with Christian's guidance. All-in-all the four to five hours spent was well worth it and was one of the highlights of our trip. Next time we visit, we want to bring our children and let them learn too. Thank you, Christian, for an excellent experience.

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                      I took the pastry class this August. I thought it was good value at €100 compared to other classes but be warned that you don't actually make any pastry which was a bit strange. Our teacher also told us not to take the market class in August as the markets are quite deserted which I thought was a refreshingly honest tip. I have put a full review of the class on my blog: http://www.gourmet-chick.com/2009/08/...

                    2. We took the morning class in June last year. Was the best day we spent in Paris. I was worried that we would miss a day expereincing the city with this 5 hour class. I could not have been more wrong. This was the best way to expereince this lovely city and it's people. After a few days of museums and cathedrals we were ready for something different. Couldn't imagine a more French experience than shopping with the chef, learning how to pick cheese, seafood, bread and produce. Then returning to an amazing kitchen to work with the best. Our meal of duck and fennel salad, sea bass with mussel stew reduction, rattatoui and then moulton lava cake was amazing. Add to that a cheese course and wine, we were in heaven. Our chef, Christian, was gracious and so patient. Dinner conversation was pleasant and we felt like we were among friends. My next trip I intend to take the Macaron cookie class. You will not regret this experience! Au Revoir!

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                        I will be taking this morning class on March 18th and have been very excited about the prospect of it. However after reading these menus, I can't wait......I will report back when I return!