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Feb 21, 2008 09:05 AM

E. Village cool little spot to impress non NYers

any suggestions? On the inexpensive side and not italian.

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  1. Kuma Inn. Great food and a non NYer will love it.

    1. I think some cool places are...

      Back Forty -

      The E.U. -

      Village Yokocho - 3rd ave and 9th st, upstairs from around the clock

      Momofuku Ssam -

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      1. re: MinhLikesFood

        I went to EU with a bunch of non-nyers and they really enjoyed their meal there. The atmosphere and the food...actually even I enjoyed my meal :)

        1. re: kelea

          I was there over the summer and really enjoyed it too. The chef just left though, so who knows what the food will be like in his absence.

      2. My favorite is the Bourgeois Pig. primarily fondue and wine, but also have small plates good for sharing and a decent beer selection. Great atmosphere, great music- cant go wrong (7th bt 1st and A). Also Esperanto ( cuban) or the sunburnt cow ( australian). Both have a very east village vibe. Esperanto has better food than the cow. Cafe mogador is also very reliable ( moroccan)

        1. Hit Momofuku Noodle bar or Momofuku Ssam. Great spots!!
          There is also CARACAS AREPA BAR which is TINY but great food and I think the size is Very NYC!

          1. Second the Momofuku Ssam Bar rec.