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E. Village cool little spot to impress non NYers

any suggestions? On the inexpensive side and not italian.

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  1. Kuma Inn. Great food and a non NYer will love it.

    1. I think some cool places are...

      Back Forty - http://www.backfortynyc.com/

      The E.U. - http://www.theeunyc.com/

      Village Yokocho - 3rd ave and 9th st, upstairs from around the clock

      Momofuku Ssam - http://www.momofuku.com/

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        I went to EU with a bunch of non-nyers and they really enjoyed their meal there. The atmosphere and the food...actually even I enjoyed my meal :)

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          I was there over the summer and really enjoyed it too. The chef just left though, so who knows what the food will be like in his absence.

      2. My favorite is the Bourgeois Pig. primarily fondue and wine, but also have small plates good for sharing and a decent beer selection. Great atmosphere, great music- cant go wrong (7th bt 1st and A). Also Esperanto ( cuban) or the sunburnt cow ( australian). Both have a very east village vibe. Esperanto has better food than the cow. Cafe mogador is also very reliable ( moroccan)

        1. Hit Momofuku Noodle bar or Momofuku Ssam. Great spots!!
          There is also CARACAS AREPA BAR which is TINY but great food and I think the size is Very NYC!

          1. Second the Momofuku Ssam Bar rec.

            1. oh maybe I should have explained the "impress" part, I meant impress in a sort of romantic way.
              Does this change or add suggestions?

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                Yes, adding "romantic" changes the definition completely.
                With that, I will suggest Degustation.

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                  Degustation is a great idea, i think if you are going with only one other person though (the bar seating to me is not very condusive to conversations with more than two people), which romantic does imply. But since you said non NYers (plural) i assume you are trying to have a romantic evening with more than one person? In that case, may i just suggest a lot of alchohol to get things going.

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                    haha! True Minh!
                    Actually I meant just one other person but have spent a couple days not speaking in english!
                    any other thoughts?

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                      Hmmm...i like Jules Bistro too. It's on St Mark's (8th Street) b/w 1st and 2nd ave. http://www.julesbistro.com/

                      They have live, nightly jazz, and I think that plus french food is good for a romantic evening. Though it may be a little loud...

                      If i think of anything else i'll let you know, Hearth is a good option too but i know you said no Italian. Incase you change your mind though, http://www.restauranthearth.com/

              2. I have to back the recos for Momofuku Ssam. Even though the decor/atmosphere is not overtly romantic, good food always is. Back Forty has a cozier feel to it. The food is plenty good, but it doesn't have the wow factor of Momo. EU has excellent food, in particular, the grilled octopus appetizer. It has a cool vibe, but it's not so romantic. Someone recommended Hearth and said it was Italian. While I guess there's Italian influence, I would categorize the food more as nouveau homestyle. It's romantic, but far from inexpensive. I would definitely steer you away from the Bourgeois Pig, though, especially if you're in the mood to stay a while. It's romantic, but the last time I was there the owner couldn't wait for us to leave once we stopped ordering, and he wasn't subtle about it.

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                  oh wow really? ive never been rushed out of the bourgeois pig.... but maybe thats cuz we *dont* stop ordering... lol.

                2. il Buco. Super Romantic, excellent food.

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                    il Buco and Prune always work for me...we love the food and atmosphere at both.

                  2. Hmm... Belcourt (2nd Ave. and 4th St.) is romantic to me... French food always seems romantic :)

                    I was incredibly underwhelmed by Back Forty. I like the EU and it impressed my out-of-town friends, but I think it is too cramped on a busy night and too bustling to be romantic.

                    I think Mercat (on Bond St., I think) is romantic as well.

                    1. How about Prune? It's a bit more lower east side, I suppose, but I think it's very cozy