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Feb 21, 2008 09:05 AM

West Plano - Need suggestions

I need some ideas on good restaurants to try in West Plano. I'd prefer it to be family friendly (not fancy, but good). We just need some new places to eat out. I'd especially love to find a good chinese, vietnamese (pho), and thai place close.

We're partial to Covino's for Italian. We've found tons of burger/American places - Snuffers, The Counter, Red's, etc. So far, we've liked Luna de Nocha & Christina's for Mexican.

Bring on the suggestions!

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  1. I've had several good Chinese meals at Joy Luck BBQ on the NE corner of Coit and Park.

    I've not been, but the Guide raved about Yao Fuzi a couple of months ago. It's between Coit and Preston off of Park.

    For Thai, I go to either Mango, Jasmine, or Samui when I'm in West Plano.

    1. Chinese - Central
      The best Chinese places are going to be in Central Plano along Coit Rd: Joy Luck BBQ (Cantonese), Mr Shabu Shabu (Taiwanese?), Sichuanese (Sichuan), First Chinese BBQ (Cantonese). Yao Fuzi - Park & Preston (Shanghainese) - Mr Shabu Shabu

      Chinese - East Side
      or close to Legacy & 75: New San Dor (Cantonese), Little Sichuan (Sichuan) and Umeko (Tawainese/Japanese
      ) - Little Sichuan

      I only know of a handful of Vietnamese places: Pho Mac - Independence & Parker, Pho Que Huong - 15th & Independence (wouldn't wish this place on my worst enemy), Pho Newbay (Preston-btwn McCallum & Frankford), Zander's House - 75 & Park....there is not really any places for Vietnamese in Plano.....try Garland (large population), Carrollton, Irving or Arlington (large population

      I have heard great things about Jasmine Thai - Spring Creek & Custer, Mango - Park & Preston, Samui - Legacy & Tollway - Jasmine Thai menu - Same owners as Chow Thai/Chow Thai Pacific Rim

      1. I would go to Jasmine on Parker and Alma. It's been better lately than the one of Custer and Spring Creek. They are owned by the same family.

        First Chinese BBQ is always good.

        For a change of pace how about Korean at either ASSI market on Custer & Spring Creek the restaurant is in the super market or by May Chien super markert on Park & Coit the restaurant is to the side of the market. Just hook a left when you go in the door. A nice dress up Korean place is Naan in the same area as The Counter.

        Have you been to Aparicio's? It's probably the best mexican Plano.

        Another good Mexican choice is El Norte

        And for dressdown Texmex at a really ..... good price
        El Pueblito A family of four can dine there easily for $25 or less.

        I would also highly suggest Zorba the Greek