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Feb 21, 2008 08:53 AM

Cheesecake in Baltimore??

Guys and gals-

Is there any place that dishes out a good cheesecake, or do I have to continue going to Cheesecake Factory? Not that I mind their cheesecake (best thing going for the place), but this can't be the best in Baltimore, can it? It seems that every diner that serves cheesecake do not believe in crust. I personally enjoy crust. Can anyone offer some suggestions on where to find a good cheesecake around here??

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  1. I love the cheesecake at the Capital Grille.

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    1. re: nicole11

      I agree, cheesecake at CG was excellent!

    2. I would agree with the Capital Grille but my favorite by far is Ruth's Chris. For what you get cheesecake at Outback is pretty good, it's crust-less though

      1. What kind of cheesecake or you looking for? Woodlea Bakery makes some excellent old school German cheesecake, the kind made on a large sheet pan. Or atleast I think it's a style of cheesecake. They also have something called "smear case" (?). Are these two the same thing? Can someone enlighten me on the "smear case"? Is it a Baltimore thing?

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          They might be the same thing. Schmearkase (sp?) is an old-fashioned kind of cheesecake made with cottage cheese. I love the one that Fenwick Bakery makes.

        2. Patisserie Poupon has a beautiful and delicious cheesecake that is topped with fresh fruit. However it is not a sit-down dessert type of place if that is what you are lookjing for. The cheesecake has a thin layer of genoise in lieu of a crust.

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            I've had a cheesecake topped with fresh fruit and I didn't like it. I think it was topped with blueberries, kiwi, strawberries and, if I am not mistaken, oranges. Yes, it looked nice but the cake was overwhelmed by the fruit. In addition, the fruit combination was weird. A great cheesecake can stand alone, of course, or you could throw some Comstock or another fruit syrup (preferably cherry or strawberry) on for good measure. But I personally am all about crust. I think that Cheesecake Factory, albeit a chain, has a very good crust which in turn makes it an even better cheesecake. It also has a nice, creamy consistency.

            I just don't want to accept the fact that the cheesecake that suits my palete comes from a chain restaurant.

          2. I remember reading an article in the Baltimore Sun about a mail order cheesecake company that operated out of a basement in Govans. It was a family business, I think the mom started making the cheesecakes out of her kitchen years ago and selling them. They were so popular it turned into a business, and the daughter eventually took over using the original recipe but also started making variations ... they were so good they got picked up by retailers elsewhere along the east coast, maybe? Is this ringing a bell for anyone?? I just spent 10 minutesd googling and didn't turn up anything, but maybe someone else remembers the details?

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                Well holy crap, you're absolutely right. This write up says it all. Even that they at one time operated out of a bakery on Belvedere Ave in Pimlico. I'll give it to you ko1, that is very impressive.

                Hey jharris, if you are looking for non-chain, might give them a try ... If you do, let us know how it tastes!!


                1. re: charmedgirl

                  They're pretty good with a graham cracker crumb type crust as I recall.

                  1. re: ko1

                    I will definetely try it and report back!