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Feb 21, 2008 08:46 AM

Baltimore: Pub grub/dining alone in Federal Hill?

Hey All - Here's hoping you can help me pass some delicious time in Federal Hill tonight; I've got an appointment later in the evening and only want to hunt for parking once.

I'm looking for someplace fairly casual, where I won't stick out grabbing some dinner solo. I'm thinking of good pub food, but other suggestions are welcome. Thanks so much in advance!

PS: Lighting that is not too dim is a plus - I'm in the middle of a good book.

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  1. the bar at the thirsty dog should be good

    1. Ryleigh's has oyster happy hour from 3-7 with $1 oysters and reduced beer. That's a good spot.

      I've eaten solo at the Dog Bar a few times, and they're very good about making you feel welcome. It's not really a place where you can read though, at least a the bar. Yummy pizza.

      After 6:30 you can get half price cheesesteaks at Magerk's. I've done solo at the bar, but it's not really a great place for solo dining or reading.

      All of the above are on the north side of Cross Street Market, just across the street.

      Elvis on Light Street has no bar and no alcohol, but it's a great little place where you'd be quite comfortable reading. It's cheap, good Mexican -- one of the area's real gems. It's a block north of the market on the NE corner.

      You could probably get a comfortable two-top at Junior's Wine Bar, on Charles about a half block south of the market. Very reasonable pizzas and entrees.

      1. Hull Street Blues on Hull Street(go figure) good pub food/atmosphere

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          Depending on where he/she needs to be in Federal Hill, Hull St. might be a bit long of a walk.

        2. Sobo Cafe for comfort food
          Magerk's for a decent cheesesteak
          Ryleigh's for $1 oysters (4-7pm) and a crab pretzel (might be a little dark for reading)
          Nick's in the Cross St. Market for all sorts of seafood
          Crazy Lil's for good pub grub with some slightly more upscale options

          1. Metropolitan Cafe on South Charles street between Cross street and Henrietta (walking back down Charles towards the city) has a decent dinner menu, booze and lighting. And you certainly won't stick out if you're solo/reading.

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              I've seen that place but have no idea what they serve or what the food is like. Any insights?

              1. re: JonParker

                You didn't ask me, but my two cents, fwiw: I went last fall and had a salad with seared tuna. The salad part isn't a creative order to start with, so I can't really knock them for my lack of enthusiasm for it. But I can knock them for the terrible tuna. It was stringy and tough, and the "seared" outside was a dingy gray color. Not good. My friend had a roasted vegetable sandwich she seemed happy enough with, but she's also not that into food. Service was so-so; we had to flag down our server every time we needed something. It wasn't the worst dinner ever, but I don't really feel a need to go back.

                1. re: JonParker

                  I worked around the corner so it's 'on the lunch list'. Coffee, bagels, sandwiches, salads, salads w/ protein on top, quesadillas, chili, soup, burgers, maybe a lasagna or two...their menu is expansive and they have a decent beer and wine list for your corner place but it's not gourmet. It used to be the original 'One World Cafe' so same menu but add meat! Sort of like the list @ Kiss Cafe in Canton; works for a quick fix but certainly not a go-to destination. I thought it would fill the OP's requirements though!