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Seattle: Decent food, water view, quiet?

Anniversary coming up. We want to eat out and naturally thought of the "biggie" places but have come to our senses and all we want is a place on the water with decent food and not jazzy. Doesn't have to be Seattle - we would go up or down the coast for a good place.

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  1. Six Seven at the Edgewater or Canlis, although could be too "jazzy," depending on yr taste. It's not as easy as one might think to find solid waterside dining in Seattle.

    1. Waterfront Grill (or if you want something really quiet but with slightly less of a water view, Chez Shea or Maximiliens)

      1. If you're up for a drive, how about the Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive? Great view of Samish Bay (especially good if you can time it for sunset) and very nice food.

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          I've always wondered about that place. I think we stopped in years ago for a drink around sunset and the place was empty. Is the food all that good?

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            There are three places along Chuckanut: the Chuckanut Manor is a sort of retro place with a weekend smorgasbord and average food. The Oyster Creek Inn is set back on a ravine, is a bit fancier and has some really good dishes. The Oyster Bar is the fanciest. I've only been there twice, once for dinner and once for lunch, and both times it was a good experience, both food and service. Depending on the time of year, though, any of those places can be pretty dead - it's a long twisty drive in the dark in winter.

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              I had heard about Oyster Bar for a long time and always meant to go there and this looked like a great opportunity. But it's our 50th, meaning that we are seriously geezer and the "long twisty drive" scares the socks off me. We've been by the place in daytime and I recall now how really really twisty the road is. No place to stay nearby. <sigh>. This summer, though...

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            I also recommend The Oyster Bar. Very romantic. It's your Anniversary? Get a room at the Majestic Hotel in Anacortes, the next day have breakfast at The Drift Inn. If you really want to travel NOTHING beats the Sooke Harbor House near Victoria for both food & lodging.

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              The food at the Oyster Bar on Chuckanut is fine but definitely not worth driving up all the way from Seattle. I think people tend to overstate how good the cuisine is because it's the best place in the area to go for a nice meal. Again though, there are many other options in Seattle that I think you would find to be much better.

            2. six seven at EDGEWATER is my pick

              1. Ray's Boathouse in Shilshole.

                'Nuf ced.

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                  Ray's always works for me so I second that. If you tell them it's your anniversary, they may keep a window seat for you (they won't guarantee it). Or try Place Pigalle in the Market -- it does not have an expansive view but it is quiet and romantic

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                    I second Place Pigalle .. very romantic, a sweet peek of a view and don't they have valet parking in the market? ... somehow great food, nice atmosphere and on the water are a tough combo around here, go figure.

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                      I third (or fourth) Place Pigalle. I think it's way romantic, the food is good and I love their view.

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                    I concur on Ray's Boathouse. Great view. Great happy hour.

                  3. Try Dockside Grill on Sequim Bay. It's at John Wayne Marina. Great atmosphere, great food and view, prices reasoneable. www.docksidegrill-sequim.com if you want to see the menu.
                    You can also read the online reviews if you google it.

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                      Thanks - Can't do that this time but very glad to have the link. Definitely a future stop, like when we want to take Black Ball the next day.

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                        We are going there. A trip to Vancouver Island is our mutual gift to see places we visit from the water. We are staying overnight at Sequim and eating at the Dockside, then taking the ferry from Port Angeles. We had been planning to go via Tsawwassen, but this beats it. Thank you.

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                          Greetings - We changed our itinerary to go to Victoria via Black Ball out of Port Angeles, and stayed the night before in Econo-Lodge in Sequim (nice place). Then we went to the Dockside and had a great meal. You were right on all counts and we are going to contrive to go back there several times.


                        2. Does it have to be ON the water, or is a water view OK? I second Place Pigalle and also suggest Maximilien. both in the Pike Place Market. Food at Max's is flawless, service is impeccable. Everything about it is classic and refined.

                          1. Third Floor Fish Cafe in Kirkland has a great view of the marina and would be great for a quiet, romantic evening. The food is also pretty good.


                            1. Palisades in Magnolia has a beautiful view of Seattle's skyline over the water. They have really good seafood too, although it's been a while.

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                                I love Max's for the great food, low key atmosphere, and gorgeous view. Love the shiny black walls too!!!