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Best Sushi in Bergen County

Does anyone know any great sushi places in Bergen County, NJ????

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  1. My favorite is Sakura Bana in Ridgewood. Great food and service. Super selection. Never had anything I was disappointed by. Tends to be a zoo during lunch so be prepared. Weekends are busy but bearable. Dinner is usually crowded but you will get seated quickly. We always seem to order a platter to go when we are ready to leave.

    I like Mei Sushi in Fair Lawn too. It's small, quiet and has good, moderately priced food and attentive service. Once they get to know you they will start offering you different items from the "special" selections. Most are really good. Some can be scary. LOL

    Last but not least is Minado in Little Ferry. It is a huge all you can eat buffet style setup. Surprisingly good sushi as well as a good selection of hot offerings. You will recognize most of the items but a few things are out of the ordinary. When you are in a group and want to pig out on sushi / sashimi this is the place to go. A large portion of customers are Asian; If you want to use that as a gauge.

    I hope these get you started. There are many other good places in Bergen with new restaurants opening all the time. Good eating and “Kampai!”.

    1. World Sushi in Northvale is amazing! Also Sushi Metsuyan in Teaneck which is a Kosher restaurant is probably one of the best sushi I've ever tasted.. I recommend any roll with fruit in it, and the TNT roll.. also their Tokuson noodles which are pan fried noodles with veggies and cooked salmon pieces=delicious.

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        I've been to World Sushi, is it still strictly takeout?

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          Sushi Metsuyan has another location in Chestnut Ridge NY, just over the Upper Saddle River border. Their sushi is amazing!
          People around here in Northern Bergen County also rave about Flirt Sushi in Allendale - Very funky, eclectic menu.

        2. A Sakura just opened in Wyckoff. Their menu shows a sister restaurant in Millburn NJ, but does not mention Ridgewood.
          The sushi special was amazing - beautiful, different, and absolutely delicious.
          Our appetizers and my wife's teriaki were so-so.

          1. You should try East in Teaneck on Teaneck Road. They have a revolving sushi belt where you take the plates off the conveyer belt and are priced by the color of the plate. You can also sit at tables and they offer a full menu, bento boxes and have a bar. It is really good. They have excellent miso soup and the place is fairly casual and reasonably priced. Enjoy :)

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              I go to east because it's cheap and a great place to go when dining solo; I do not, however, think east would ever qualify as great sushi...their presentation alone disqualifies them from "great" ranks (sometimes, it's more than poor with rolls unrolling and unfinished and nigiri barely holding on to itself). That said, sometimes i don't want to spend 30-40 pp to get my sushi fix and it fits the bill (esp. on wednesday salmon day (all salmon half off)).

            2. A sushi place just opened in Wyckoff: Sakura. Excellent. Try the "Twins Roll" ( I think that's the name)

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                I really like Kazuki in River Vale on Westwood Ave. The Big Apple roll is really great.

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                  I used to go to Kazuki often, then a new AYCE opened up in West Nyack, Sakurabana. I like it more because they also have hot dishes on the AYCE, and it's less $$$, 19.95. I really like the owner of Kazuki, and his staff. The attached on Sakurabana sums it up. The food is fine, but if it is crowded the service is not good. It's best to get there early. They no longer have BYOB, nor a happy hour. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/506895

              2. Had dinner at Wild Ginger in Ridgewood the other night. The sushi was great, fresh and the apps were pretty tasty. The service and restaurant added a nice touch.

                1. Anybody know about Sushi Cruise in Edgewater?

                  1. We love Gen Sushi in Montvale. We go there about twice a week - and have NEVER been disappointed. The sushi is delicious and fresh, and the prices are reasonable. They just expanded, so now we don't have a wait :).

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                      We've been going to Gen since they opened and have always loved it, until they expanded and added a second restaurant, I rarely see the owner there anymore. The last two times we went the quality was sub par. We have always left the menu in the hands of the Sushi chef and have rarely been disappointed until now. I've taken it off the list and have not found anything to replace it in my area(NE Bergen).

                    2. AKASAKA in Wallington-hidden gem...never really crowded but sushi is always fresh!

                      1. Lately I've been going to Akai Lounge in Englewood. It's very reasonable, a little hipper decor, and I love the pain-in-the-ass roll.

                        1. Sushi Cruise in Edgewater is a little strange. I was excited about the conveyorbelt sushi concept. My table was right on the Water with views of the NYC Skyline just AMAZING!

                          The conveyorbelt runs only around the sushi bar so you have to get up to get your lunch.

                          In addition they put each piece of sushi on a plate so it was quite comical to have so many plates running back and forth to the bar. Lunch is 1.00 per piece. Average.

                          A really good place was FLIRT sushi in Allendale.

                          Has anyone been to Tawara in Ramsey? I am interested because they are one of the only places in NJ that serves Omusubi.

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                            Tawara's is great. Owned and operated by Japanese.

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                              Try HoHoKus Sushi on Sheridan Ave. in HoHokus, you won't be disappointed.

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                                kumo down the block from sakura bana is also a good choice
                                but next door is DIM SUM DYNASTY
                                go on the weekends for true chinatown dim sum at reasonable prices and superior to manhattan dimsum great veggie and lobster dishes byob also

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                              Tawara in Ramsey is great for sushi. When I used to work in Allendale, I'd have their $6.95 lunch specials every week day. Their suhi rolls are great and reasonably priced. Working for a Japanese company, I had a chance to try the finer suhi bars in Japan and this place is as good as any sushi bar/restaurant that I've been to in Japan. It's owned and operated by Japanese. It is definitely my favorite sushi bar in Jersey, actually, my favorite in the east coast, yup, that would include Morimoto and Nobu and Sushi Samba on the list.

                            3. No "Best Sushi in Bergen" list is complete without Wild Wasabi in Norwood. Sure...the service is abysmal, even when you sit at the bar. Just allot a little extra time and relax and enjoy some of Bergen's best sushi. Plus...it's BYOB.