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Feb 21, 2008 07:59 AM

Orlando Near Convention Center

Anyone have a good suggestion for a restaurant near the Orange County Convention Center?
It needs to be suitable for a business meeting.

Assistant in Clearwater

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  1. The Convention Center is on International Drive. There are a lot of places on I-Drive:

    Dux at the Peabody hotel
    Capital Grille at Pointe Orlando
    Oceanaire at Pointe Orlando
    Maggiano's at Pointe Orlando

    Also nearby is Sand Lake Road, which has:

    Ruths Chris
    Seasons 52
    Samba Room (perhaps a little more fun than business, but upscale nonetheless)

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    1. re: starbucksbrew

      Thanks for your response! We ended up at Ruths Chris. We could only go on Monday -- Seasons 52 is booked with their large parties, and Capital Grille is closed that evening for a private party.

      Thanks again!

      1. re: starbucksbrew

        Hi, I'd like to jump onto this train if I may...
        I've been assigned to find a dinner spot for about 20 people near (i.e., within 10-minute walk) of the Convention Center... I was looking at Oceanaire, but it looks like it might be noisy? (Not that we won't be noisy ourselves, it's just there's a specific request that there won't be loud music, etc.). Another person suggested the Capriccio Grill at the Peabody, any word on that? I haven't found many posts describing it...

        1. re: cancergrrrl

          I think that for the best experience you should go to the J.W. Marriott and take in Primo. It is only about 10 minute drive from convention center. Worth the trip.
          Also, Texas de Brazil, which is down the road from the convention center.


          1. re: horvath42

            I agree Primo is my favorite and it is isolated, but easy to get to. Best seafood period.

          2. re: cancergrrrl

            Capriccio Grill is quite good. The music isn't loud.

        2. I'm pretty sure Oceanaire has a private dining room, which would solve your noise problem.