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Feb 21, 2008 07:34 AM

Spanish Dinner Party Suggestions

Hi all,
I've been reading everyone's excellent suggestions on putting together a dinner party with spanish food. Through these posts I've come up with a pretty comprehensive list of tapas/appetizers for a party that I'm having next week.

What I'm stuck on is the main course. The dish or dishes need to feed 20 people, I would like one meat, and one vegetarian. Ideally I would like it to be something that I can make enough in advance to actually enjoy the dinner party as well. The tapas I've picked are all make ahead as is the dessert.

I have a couple ideas for main courses so far: Pork tenderloin with peppers and paprika (saw this on one of the CHOW posts, would love recipe) and Veggie Paella, but would really welcome any other suggestions as I'm kind of stuck and need your advice!


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  1. First of all: Cool name!

    I would go with Pollo en escabeche aka Pollo al dia anterior for your meat main course because it is my favorite Spanish dish and it meant to be made in advance.

    For veggie - I think something along a rice, veg stuffed aubergine would be nice if made slightly moorish.

    1. I just tried Callos for the first time, tripe with chickpeas. It's really delicious and seems to me something you could make the day before. Maybe out there for a dinner party though. Cocido Madrileno is great. Hard to beat chorizo and smoked paprika. The flavors should develop beautifully after a day. Also a nice veggie dish is the Moorish infuenced Catalan spinach with raisins and pinenuts. Sounds like a fun party!

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        I was also going to suggest callos or caldereta. I've found that even skittish diners enjoy a good bowl of my callos (though I don't tell them what it is in English). And while cocido is definitely satisfying, for a dinner party I would rather serve something a little less rustic like caldereta. And with some vegetarian paella, either callos or caldereta would be well-matched.

        In another direction, you could consider making albondigas (I make mine with a saffron-white wine sauce) which also would kep you out of the kitchen and around the tapas.