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Feb 21, 2008 07:00 AM

Restaurants @ Wynn - Las Vegas

My husband and I are staying at the Wynn in a few weeks, and looking into making a couple reservations. We like to dine at the resort we're staying at, and this is our first time at Wynn (dining or staying). I would love some opinions - which to avoid, which to try.

Daniel Boulud, Bartolotta, Okada, Wing Lei, Alex, SW, Tableau, Corsa Cucina, Red 8, The Country Club.


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  1. We stayed at the Wynn last month (loved it BTW - especially the quality of the restaurants) and enjoyed each and every one of our meals. We had dinner at Alex (worth the splurge; I had the tasting menu), Okada (beautiful restaurant - they have a dining room facing the lagoon and waterfall, a teppenyaki room, and a sushi bar), Daniel Boulud (one of our favorites - this was our second visit), S&W Steakhouse (my husband's favorite). We had lunch twice at Red 8, once the regular menu and once on a Saturday afternoon for their dim sum menu, and lunch at Tableau. No disappointments. We were with two other couples and one who have stayed at the Wynn before had breakfast every day and one lunch at the Terrace Cafe, and the other couple ate at Red 8 twice for dinner.

    TheDairyQueen just posted a wonderful comprehensive review of her visits to some of the restaurants in the Wynn.

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      That's great to hear. I spent quite some time looking for other posts specifically about Wynn, and didn't find that many recent. I did read TheDairyQueen's post and was excited to read about a couple at Wynn.

    2. Across the board the Wynn has the best hotel restaurants in Vegas. My favorites are Alex, Okada and Bartolotta. The chefs have changed at Red 8 and Corsa Cucina, possibly for the better, and I have not tried either since the changes. Hopefully a Chowhound who has sampled them before AND after can update us on the changes.

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        masstech, here's a thread about Red 8 "before" and "after."

        sebell, I don't have much more to say over and above my report, but I am very interested in hearing about Country Club--so, if you go, I would love to hear about it. Actually, I would love to hear about wherever you end up. Have fun!


        1. re: masstech

          I walked through the Wynn this week, and wondered: does anyone really eat at Bartolotta? It just looked insanely expensive to me, especially the by-weight fish and shellfish.

          I tried their buffet for weekday breakfast and was disappointed: I expected more from a place like the Wynn, both selection and quality. Just about the only items I thought were above-average were the baked goods, from the breakfast pizza to the pastries. I wished had more time to sit down with some ice cream, too.

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            Everything at the Wynn is insanely expensive, in my opinion--about a 10% premium over the other casinos in L.V., which themselves aren't necessarily cheap. The setting is lovely (and will look laughably dated in a decade), but you pay a price for it. There's no option for slumming it at Steve's place...

            I sure thought Bartolotta was pretty, though.


            1. re: The Dairy Queen

              Yeah, but looking at the menu posted for Bartolotta, I figured that at $22 for 100 grams, a 2-pound lobster would be about $200 -- that's seriously expensive! I can have a tasting menu at French Laundry for that (when you figure in the cost of service).

            2. re: Ruth Lafler

              I was thinking of making reservations at Bartolotta for my trip next month or at other restaurants at the Wynn. I saw the pictures of the private gazebos and was quickly wowed . However, my cousin told me most of the restaurants there are bad. I have a culinary degree and always do my research on the place/price/etc base on my budget prior to picking. So I'm not quick to dismiss Wynn yet. But since I've never dined at the Wynn, I would like some recommendations.

              1. re: jenni_40

                bartolotta is great. expensive, but great.

                1. re: jenni_40

                  Who is this cousin guy? Some of the finest restaurants in Vegas reside at the Wynn. That's pretty well-substantiated (i.e. not just this guy's opinion). Alex competes for the finest in Vegas. Bartolotta was fantastic on my one visit. The family style tasting menu was unlike any tasting I've had. Quite spendy, but you really get what you pay for here. I did not dine in the private gazebos but will next time. I think that the bottom line is that the Wynn has some of the best restaurants in Vegas but also some of the most expensive. If you go ready and willing to pay you will be very satisfied. Don't expect any deals though.

            3. Does anyone have advise on making reservations. It would be nice to just make them after we arrive, and plan out our days. Are there any that are hard to get in to, what are your experiences?

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                I think you need reservations for every nearly every restaurant at the Wynn, except for the "casual" places: the Buffet, Terrace Pointe Cafe, Red 8, the New York Deli (Zoozacrackers--I assume, I never did see this while I was there), Sugar and Ice... and perhaps the "casual" Italian place next to the sports book (can't remember the name of it--that's Corsa Cucina, I think) Definitely you need reservations at Boulud & SW, and, I'm nearly certain for Okada, Bartolotta, Wing Lei, Tableau, The Country Club, and absolutely Alex.

                If you get the 5:30 reservation at Boulud, they'll probably be able to seat you with a great view of the Lake of Dreams on the patio. When we were seated at SW Steakhouse on a Monday night, the wait for folks without reservations was 45 minutes for a table for 2 and 2 hours for a table for six.


                1. re: The Dairy Queen

                  Thanks. Looks like we'll make a couple reservations before we leave, to get the better seats. Our schedule is totally open so putting in our names and waiting a while isn't that big of a deal. It's great to have some advise on this!

              2. Just got back from Vegasand stayed at the Wynn. We were not particularly impressed when we came back to our room at 5 after being out most of the day to find that our room was not made up. We called the front desk and they offered to send housekeeping right away to clean it but we told them to do it when we went out for dinner. We called before we left to let them know we were leaving so housekeeping could get in. The room was stil not cleaned when we returned around midnight.
                We ate at Alex one night. The room was very elegant and the service was exemplary.
                The food was very good, but the price of the 3 course prix fixe of 145 was outrageous. The value is just not there. We scanned the menu at Bartolotta and noted that fish was priced at $14 per 100 grams. That is about 63 bucks for a 1 lb fish and I would uess that the fish is weighed whole, not after it is cleaned and filleted. Very pricy indeed. We had a good meal at Fiamma whose prices are a little more down to earth.
                It is hard to dine in a high end vegas restaurant without feeling that the prices are geared to the high rollers who are comped and fell like they are really getting the royal treatment when the see the prices that they are not paying.

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                1. re: neville nosher

                  Alex is not a "value" restaurant. If you go in thinking it will be, you will be disappointed in the lack of "value". If you can afford it and don't perseverate over the prices, you may just enjoy one of the finest meals money can buy. If prices are a concern to you, don't dine there. You will just be wasting your money.

                  1. re: climberdoc

                    "Value" is not the same as cost. Something can be very expensive and still be good value. If it really is one of the finest meals money can buy, then $145 might be considered a good value. I don't think nosher felt that the experience was as "fine" as the price tag warranted. If the price of something is not commensurate with the value received, it's a rip-off. No one likes to feel ripped off, regardless of whether they can afford it.

                    1. re: Ruth Lafler

                      Nosher scanned the menu at Bartolotta and decided not to dine there because of the price. Perhaps a bit of homework prior to committing to Alex, which incidentally is one of the 2 or 3 most expensive restaurants in Vegas would have saved him this poor "value" experience. I suspect that his mind was made up about the value of Alex before the amuse ever hit his table. The exorbitant prices of the fish at Bartolotta turned him away indicating to me that portion size is included in his definition of value. Most knocks I see with high end places like Alex are people disillusioned by the small portions and high prices (see recent thread about Lauberge in Sedona). It seems to all come down to one's expectation going in and these days with all the info available, there is no reason to go into a high end, very expensive blind. I agree that "no one likes to feel ripped off", but there are people who will feel ripped off at a place like Alex independent of the quality of the experience.

                      1. re: climberdoc

                        I did my homework and certainly was not looking for a bargain basement dinner, and I definitely was not looking for large portions as I can rarely finish them. Since I knew what the approximate cost of a meal was, I did not suffer sticker shock. I simply felt that the prices were not merited.
                        I am happy that Ruth Laffler understands my perspective.

                        1. re: neville nosher

                          I guess I'm thrown by your dissing of Alex on the basis of "value". If I'm looking for a deal, I'll go to the all you can eat salad and breadsticks or the neverending pasta bowl at The Olive Garden (this is an example since I've never been to Olive Garden). If I go to Alex (or the like) I'm likely going to drop a big chunk of change. For that I gain a wonderful memorable meal and a great evening in general of fine food, wine, service and pampering. "Value" plays no part in the enjoyment. It's a flat out splurge.
                          Rosemary's is a good example of "value". It's well-executed, finely presented and not overpriced. It's by no means the best Vegas has to offer, but for "value" perhaps it is.
                          Our difference stems from the fact that when I dine at Alex, the concept of value has been thrown out the window for the evening. There is no other reason to dine at Alex other than pure indulgence (unless you are filthy rich). I have amazing memories of my two meals there which would not be so amazing if I were obcessed with "value".
                          Perhaps the concept of value would be a good separate thread.

                2. I have stayed at the Wynn many times and think the restaurants are some of the best on the strip..
                  Love Okada for sushi..somewhat reasonable and outstanding sushi.
                  Really enjoy Boulud's and I brought my own Silver was very good and our meal was under $200 for 2 and that was app's/salad/entree/dessert/port with 1/2 bottle of champagne to start.
                  Country Club was there for drinks and app's but seemed like going to the club at home.
                  Alex gets rave reviews but have not been.
                  Zooza for deli sandwiches are very good, especially after partying all night.
                  We always get room service the next day and the kid cheeseburgers are some of the best.
                  I am a huge fan of the Wynn and have never had a problem..the rooms are stunning and love the beds with the fab linens..
                  Have a great time sebell!

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                  1. re: Beach Chick

                    Thanks! We are really looking forward to the trip. We are obviously not looking for good value/prices in dining, we want really unique experiences with the finest meals. I am a huge sushi fan so Okada will definitely be a stop. Bartolotta looks like a beautiful place, has anyone sat around the lagoon area?

                    1. re: sebell

                      We had one of our best meals ever at Boulud's and we had tableside lagoon with the incredible water show and found the food along with the value to be one hell of a bargain..
                      Okada has great lagoon view tables too.
                      I don't know many places at the Wynn that aren't fab and you get that 'unique experience'..
                      I have to have a 'value' plan..when I go..the 'old money' way in me won't let it happen any other way.. :(
                      Have great time!

                      1. re: Beach Chick

                        I had one of the best meals of my life at Alex last November-better than The French Laundry and on par with Per Se in New York. Food is top notch and the overall experience is unlike most other restaurants in the US.

                        1. re: Beach Chick

                          We ordered the prix fixe menu at Boulud and dined on the patio so we could watch the water show and I agree, we thought it was a great value overall.

                          We thought everything we ate at the Wynn was fantastic; but for certain, it is not bargain dining. But, we never felt ripped off. It's one of those situations where you pay $9 for an order of har gow (at Red 8, for instance), when you're used to paying $3.50 for it maybe, elsewhere. If the har gow at Red 8 weren't terrific, you'd feel really angry. But, it WAS terrific and the restaurant is lovely, and the service is attentive. Sure, you can get it cheaper elsewhere, but, really, there's nothing to complain about. You're paying a price premium because it's going to be good and you're dining at the Wynn in LV. They can command a premium, so they do.