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Nobu - suggestions

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I am heading to Nobu tomorrow night - never been before - what are the can't miss items on the menu?

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  1. Can't really go wrong with anything there, IMO (I know some will disagree), but get the miso black cod for sure...so delicious!

    1. The black cod is fantastic. I haven't been to Nobu proper, but I went to Next Door Nobu which is apparently the same food/kitchen.

      The lobster tempura was also out of this world. I think the sushi there is fine, but it's not really what makes it famous. My only real suggestion is not to waste valuable money, time and stomach space on plain old sushi.

      1. I haven't been there in a while, but I really like their rock shrimp tempura appetizer with the spicy mayo. mmmm (and ditto the black cod)

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          Been to all 3 locations and all great. Do not of course miss the miso glazed cod, the lobster dish and also the miso glazed eggplant (tastes like candy). The rock shrimp and many other dishes. Do not go for the sushi as that is the weak point of the restaurant.....get a lot of appetizers and main dishes. Portions are small...so over order.

        2. The miso cod! That was my absolute favorite dish and the first thing I think of at Nobu. Excellent!

          1. i went with 3 friends and we ordered 12 appetizers which amounted to our own fun tasting menu, with a bottle of sake, it came out to about $100pp including tax&tip. we weren't stuffed-full but had enough room to hit another spot for dessert. dishes i still think about and would definitely order again: monkfish pate, squid pasta, fluke sashimi w/dried miso, tiradito, creamy spicy crab.

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              They do this thing which is sort of like oil-poaching, but it's stll mostly raw. So very good. I think one of them is hamachi with jalapenos. The way they cut and present the dish, it almost looks like a little tiny pizza of fish. Hard to describe... but visually interesting and so incredibly tasty.