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Feb 21, 2008 06:47 AM

Drinks/dinner with parking/valet? (Camb/Boston)

Hi everyone,

I am meeting a friend for drinks and possibly a bite to eat next week, and I know that she wants to go to a place that has either reserved parking or valet. I was thinking something along the lines of Chez Henri, EVOO, or Central Kitchen, but I know that neither of those places has parking. Any suggestions of similar-style places in Cambridge that have parking available? If not Cambridge, perhaps the Back Bay area?

Thank you!!

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  1. Actually, EVOO does have a parking lot on the far side of the building.

    For Central Kitchen, I often park in the Green Street lot a block away. And while we're on the subject of Green Street, you should also check out, well, Green Street, another terrific restaurant cut from similar cloth to the above, with some of the best cocktails in town.

    The Blue Room validates for the Kendall Square lot, and they serve great drinks and food.

    Nominally less convenient, but still possible, Gargoyles in Davis Square has several public lots nearby.

    1. There's a cheap City garage right in Central Sq on Green St. near Pearl St. One block to Central Kitchen & Rendezvous and right next door to Green St the resto.

      1. OM in Harvard Square has valet parking. I've really enjoyed the food there. The lounge is a bit of a scene but can work depending on what you're into.

        Rialto in Harvard Square is in the Charles Hotel, which has a parking garage. If you're looking for something less stuffy than Rialto you could check out Noir on the ground floor of the Charles. Great happy hour deals and a nice wine list.

        1. Also, Gaslight in the South End has a parking lot next to the restaurant.

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            Also in Harvard Square, Upstairs on the Square has valet parking. I am not positive about this, but think that Harvest may have it also. Upstairs is a great place, with a funky Cambridge but adult (not college) vibe, and you have your choice of the main floor (they call it the Monday Club, and this is where the bar is located) or the upper floor, which is fancier and pricier. We go to the Monday Club quite often. It's very good for drinks and appetizers. Also just FYI tonight (Feb 21) I happen to know that the jazz group Bill & Bo Winiker is playing in the Monday Club beginning at 9, and you can dance!!!! And people do (we went last time).