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Feb 21, 2008 06:44 AM

BBQ in Charleston, Summerville and Clemson, SC


Some friends and I are visiting South Carolina to see friends and watch some basketball, and we're stopping through Charleston, Summerville and Clemson - and we are looking for some good Que! We're pretty new to proper barbecue, and so I'm looking for any advice and recommendations that I can get. If there's anywhere I absolutely need to eat at, Que or not, I would love to hear about it as well.


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  1. Momma Brown's in Mt. Pleasant (on Coleman Blvd, heading to Sullivan's Island) has the best BBQ around Charleston -- and it is part of an amazing buffet. There is more wonderful food of that ilk than you can possibly eat.

    For a quick BBQ sandwich, Melvin's is tasty (two locations -- James Island and Mt. P).

    1. I like Bessinger's Piggy Park in Charleston. It is on Highway 17 south of downtown.

      1. About an hour outside of Charleston (up I-26 toward Columbia) is perhaps the best BBQ joint in all of SC. It's called Sweatman's. They're only open Fridays and Saturdays, but it's worth the trip. Out in the middle of farmland, pork cooked for hours on end over oak coals, ribs to die for.

        1. Big Dave's BBQ in Clemson is good, and I hear that Annie's in Seneca (7 miles west of Clemson) is good but haven't tried it yet. (Annie's is only open for lunch.)

          Just More BBQ (7 miles east of Clemson) sounds promising too. It's in the country and they have live music on Friday and Saturday nights. I really need to check it out!

          1. As a Clemson grad, I can tell you that Just BBQ by the Esso Club near campus is great if it is still open. It is owned by the same family as Just More BBQ in Pendleton but the Clemson location is the original.