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Finding Fish in Baltimore

Hey everyone,

Have been lurking around for awhile, finally decided to get involved.

I am looking for the BEST place to buy fish in or around Baltimore (I don't mind driving awhile if it is worth it, if I have to go to DC, so be it). I am looking for the highest quality fish you can buy, and preferably whole, because I do not mind doing the butchering myself. It's also just more fresh and cheaper.

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  1. I like the fish stand at Broadway Market (north building). A good variety of whole fish. They'll clean them (and filet, if you want) for you at no extra charge.

      1. Have you tried H-Mart or Lotte Plaza on Route 40 in Catonsville? These are the Asian superstore/supermarkets. They have fresh fish and will clean and filet for you if you'd like. The prices are very reasonable and I think worth checking out. Lexington Market has fresh fish in the back there near Faidleys - it's been a while since I've bought from there though so I can't attest to the quality or price.

        1. Try Conrads in Towson on Joppa Rd. Ive gotten Crabs, Red Snapper and Bronzini there. They cut the heads off for me too. Very Fresh.

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            I've seen Conrads mentioned on a couple or threads- I'm intrigued. I'm trying to cut out farm raised fish from our diet . A couple of questions that I'll figure out when I go but I'll ask anway. So are the people helpful and knowledgeable? Do they post where the fish comes from?
            Whole Foods seafood-while good-tends to have sky rocket prices
            I agree that Faidleys has a good market ( great lobster tails and local clams/oysters), it's just not that convenient for me all the time

          2. Frank's Seafood in Jessup has everything too.

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              I agree that Frank's Seafood is the best place, since it is next door to the wholesale seafood market.

            2. Faidley's is excellent.

              1. I've been happy with the quality/price at Wegmans.

                1. Broadway Market, Cross Street Market and Lexington Market (Faidleys) all have really nice selection and much fresher fish than I've found in any of the supermarkets.

                  Wegmans is the best in class for supermarkets. Whole foods (the Harbor East version) has nice stuff too, but not a huge selection, especially when it comes to whole fish, which is just ironic.

                  1. If you want the BEST, go to Conrad's in Towson. It's high quality, fresh (whole or fillet), and an amazingly clean place! Been there a number of times and always hear great feedback. In fact, I just heard that the owner, a waterman, is getting ready to go catch fish, yellow perch, white perch...I knew he caught the crabs, but the fish too? Doesn't get much fresher!

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                      I recently posted a similar question (fresh fish in Baltimore County?) with a very favorable review of Conrad's

                    2. Lots of love for Conrad's on Joppa! after hearing it mentioned so many times had to check it out and it is worth it especially for freshness! We purchased some Salmon and rockfish - both were fresh caught and wild/not farm raised and the prices were better than both Gaint and Whole Foods for the same high quality wares. But more than anything the flavor and freshness was superb. The service was great and knowledgeable

                      I love my markets but they aren't always always the most convienient esp. on Sundays (Conrad's is open)

                      *On a side note I do think you can get fresh wild caught rockfish for cheaper several places in Baltimore but hands down best Salmon and Tuna prices I've seen.

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                        You can tell fresh fish in part by the clarity of the eyes. The fish eyes at Conrad's tend to be scary clear. You feel like they are staring back at you.