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Feb 21, 2008 05:39 AM

Bagged Lunches for volunteer days?

We are coming to town and doing a few volunteer days building in the Lower 9th and we have been told that we shold bring a bagged lunch as open restuarants are hadr to find in the area. We are staying at the Prince Conti hotel...does anyone know of a place nearby that would be a good bet for a bagged lunch that would hold up overnight? Or any place that would be open in the morning before we have to depart at 8AM?

Thanks for your help!!

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  1. A muffaletta, tightly wrapped, would only be better the following day.

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    1. re: JerseyNOLA

      A muff would be great, just be sure the olive salad is in a separate container! Enjoy!

      1. re: philmaur

        No Phil..... it marinates real, real nice over night....

        When I get a muff to be consumed that day, I have them add a spoonful of just the oil from the salad, but not for an over-nighter.

        Have carried them as far as London, and they great when they get there.

        1. re: JerseyNOLA

          The salad makes the bread too soggy/mushy for our taste. We routinely drop by Napoleon House on the way to the airport to p/u lunch for our trip to CA. Sure beats airline food! Jersey, whose muffaletta do you prefer?

          1. re: philmaur

            I still lament the closing of Progress Grocery - I usually had them skip the mortadella, and replace it with proscuitto, which they eventually added to their menu.

            I refuse to patronize the most famous place, and I don't mind the Napoleon House muff at all.

            For Mardi Gras rations, I take a page from the Jersey book... hard salami, cappacola, prosciutto, and provolone.... shredded lettuce, fine sliced onion, a thin spread Haddon House hot pepper relish (available at Dorignacs) and a dressing of oil, vinegar and oregno. wrap in saran wrap and in the fridge overnight - - - - it marinates great, and though the edges are a bit soggy, it is heaven eaten by the river after the St Anne parade.

            I like the marinade - this came about buying subs at this Jersey shore joint back in the 60s - the subs were made on a whole loaf of seeded Italian bread, and were so good that you had to bring them back for the folks at home, and darn, they were better the second day.

            Atthe risk of a geographic jump, take a look at :

            Unfortunatealy, the photos of the chow are no longer available, but that would just make me crazy.....

            1. re: JerseyNOLA

              Jersey, you're making me hungry! Can't wait for our trip next month!

              1. re: philmaur

                just to make it worse..... I forgot to mention I use Dong Phuong bread.... the crust stays crisp in the center.

    2. Check the menu of Deja Vu, which is right across the street from the Prince Conti. They are open 24hrs and have very good sandwiches.

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      1. re: Absinthe Minded

        thanks so much. I had just figured we would get a muffaletta but was worried about it geting soggy as well. Great suggestion to ask for the olives on the side! Had not thought of that but of course you have to have the olives!! And Deja Vu will be perfect for our second day!! We are set. I can't wait go get back down there. It has been so ling since I was in Nola and I just love the city! My tummy is grumbling thinking of the great food we will have!

      2. There are many choice in the Quarter to get lunch-style food. Johnny's Po Boys, Verti Mart, or Matassa's will all fit the bill nicely. Thanks for coming!

        1. Do you know exactly where in the lower 9 your volunteer site is located? It's not that much farther to Chalmette, where you might find a few more lunch options....even for takeout to bring back to your work site. I'm just saying...I'd rather spend my $$ in the neighborhood I'm working in, or down in Da Parish. I had some good crawfish last year at a little seafood/poboy/takeout joint on Judge Perez, and We Never Close is open again. Even Rocky & Carlo's could hook you up with some takeout poboys. Or you could drive a little back upriver and eat tacos at Tacos San Miguel on Elysian Fields at Claiborne.

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          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            Celeste.... all great suggestions, breaks my heart every time I see what is left of Taffee's.

            Tex - -
            a big thanks to you and yours.... we appreciate what you are doing, and hope your stay with us is a really happy one!

            1. re: JerseyNOLA

              I don;t know exactly where we will be but we will be without a car and the suggestions of the volunteer organization (On Site Relief) was to bring something so we don't have to burn up a lot of time off site looking for lunch which I have to agree with. I have been to Nola several times but not post Katrina and my friend who are coming with have never been. We live in New York (native Texans) and are so looking forward to coming down and helping out. We have wanted to do it for quite some time and are so glad it finally worked out.

              Thanks everyone!!

              1. re: JerseyNOLA

                JerseyNOLA, do you know if Taffe's has relocated? My husband went to school with one of the sons, and he's making a trip from Denver to NOLA this weekend. He wants to pick up some boudin, and while I'm sure there are plenty of great places, he'd like to get it from there. If you know where they are now, please email me ... it's my user name on this board I'm not sure if I'll get an email letting me know you responded on the board, and I'm afraid I'll forget to check before he leaves on Friday.

                1. re: loralienola

                  Hopefully someone else can answer, Jerseynola hasn't posted on here in about a year

            2. Tex, I just sent in a volunteer request form to On Site Relief for a day I'll be in NO in March. Have you done your volunteer stint yet? Since you said you wouldn't have a car did (will) you cab it or take a bus out to their HQ at 3819 Royal Street? How did the muff work out?