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Feb 21, 2008 05:15 AM

Portland recommendation needed--group meal

I'm searching for a restaurant that can easily accomodate a group of fifteen. I was all set to make a reservation at Clyde Common, but they 1) don't take large group reservations on weekends and 2) serve large groups family style--not what we're looking for.

This is a group of fairly adventurous eaters, and we'll be staying at the Hilton downtown. A restaurant nearby would be nice but not essential. Most important is amazing food and great service (it's a business dinner).

Any good recommendations for a place that's similar in price and quality to Clyde Common? Thanks in advance!

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  1. You may want to consider the Barnwood Table at Carlyle; it seats about 20. A bit pricier than CC, and it's prixe fix, but the experience is unique, the food wonderful, and service is exceptional.

    1. Carlyle is a great idea, they can set it up to serve it anyway you'd like.

      I have had a very nice group meal at Andina, they have a private room downstairs. You can also plan the meal out ahead of time.

      ten-01 is probably large enough to accommodate a group of 15.

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        Doesn't Wildwood have a nice private dining room?

      2. Tabla also has a separate room that I think seats ~20--it's not downtown, but I think the price is somewhat comparable to CC.

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          It's hard to get more than around 12 or so in that back room at tabla... I had around 13 at a party there and we just fit.

        2. Try Olea in the Pearl. They have a glassed in private room for groups of that size. I don't know if they have a minimum but you could go to their website at Also Bluehour has a room for groups but I believe it might be larger.

          1. Try also Veritable Quandary. I think they've got a cellar room for private parties, and the food is quite good and popular with the downtown set.