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Feb 21, 2008 04:36 AM

asian bbq, edison

passed a small sign in a strip coming North on Rt 1, just past Old Post Road before BJ's. Anyone know this place, and if so, any good? Could not catch the name, nor is it visible from Rt 1 -- across from Boston Market. TIA.

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  1. have not tried that place (there are a million asian places in that area, give me time!) however, you are close enough to try Penang which is one of my favorites for a mixture of indian, malay, thai, bbq.

    1. Is this on Old Post Road across from Boston Market or on Rte 1?
      There is a Korean BBQ on Old Post Road across from Boston Market.

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        Yes, i am certain that this is the korean place-i have not yet tried it either!

      2. It's called Chung Sol BBQ if that's what you're asking. I found a review on it:

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        1. re: wench31

          THAT's it WENCH31, thanks, CHUNG. Gonna go read this review now.