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Feb 21, 2008 04:09 AM

Coffeehouse for Writer?

Hi, I'm new to town and looking for a relaxed coffeehouse where I can hang out with my laptop and work. Free WiFi is a big plus. Any suggestions?

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  1. What part of town. I know of a place on Anderson Ln east of Burnet Rd called Java Joe's or slt. It is an old house with a very casual atmosphere. There are several rooms and a deck out front. Might be the place for you.

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    1. re: singlemalt

      genuine joe

      i would suggest the same place

      1. re: yimay

        Epoch on North Loop and Chesterfield...neat area. And Flight Path on Duval and 51st...they have a signature coffee drink that is awesome!

        1. re: chowinginaustin

          I agree on all three...Flight Path was the quietest of the 3 (I've only been there once though...might have been a slow night...they do sell earplugs if you want it REALLY quiet). Epoch is fun, but pretty bustling. And Genuine Joe's is my favorite place to meet up with people.

    2. Thanks for the tips. I'm on the West side (Bee Cave near 71) ... seems like NOTHING is out this way, it's odd. But if I have to drive to find my muse, I'll do it.

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        Ha...that reminds me of another good spot at 519 W Oltorf...the Green Muse.

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          I wouldn't recommend this place for a writer to hang all day at. Unless they get a spot on the one couch or chair all of the inside seating is, personally, rather uncomfortable. The outside tends to be filled with cigarette smoke too.
          I enjoy Summermoon (awesome espresso drinks) or Dominican Joes for their plush, cozy seating but, they sometimes have live music which can be distracting.

      2. Try the Thunderbird on Koenig between Burnett and Lamar. Usually not too noisy. Two pluses are the nice patio and very good sandwiches and coffee. Good lighting. Also, Hot Mama's on East 11th is nice and is relatively quiet. Also has good, inexpensive food.

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            This reminds me that I saw an Horchata Latte advertised at Thunderbird the other day (saw it on their marquee). Anyone had it? I, too, am always looking for a coffeeshop in which to decamp to write my dissertation, and if the Horchata Latte is any good, I might have a new haunt!

            1. re: bookgrrl72

              I live around the corner fom Thuderbird. It seems like a space where people can stretch out (warning, you have to have an Apple Computer). It is a nice bright space.

              One thing I've noticed - the servers at night are sometimes, well, kinda jerky, especially if you order beer. The coffee there is somewhat lacking in flavor, and they use Ghiradelli for their mochas. I've noticed that I haven't been going back much......

              1. re: rudeboy

                You know, I've noticed that the coffee at Clementine (owned by the same folks as Thunderbird) is kind of lame, so I'm not too surprised to hear this criticism of T'bird.

                I like SpiderHouse for the days I'm going to need to work through lunch. I feel less guilty for camping out if I have coffee and some vegan carrot cake for breakfast and a bagel with hummus and a Topo Chico for lunch.

                Epoch is good, especially during the daytime. It gets too crowded at night, though. Flightpath is very, very quiet, discomfitingly so. You can get a $5 Green Cart sandwich or wrap at either one of those, but I'm always disappointed in the quality.

          2. I am a spiderhouse regular myself. i also really like little city and bouldin creek. none of them near where you are... but definitely my favorites.

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              Spiderhouse is my favorite coffee house for the broke ass musician/writer/hey i need attention freak show.

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