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Feb 21, 2008 03:17 AM

Capital Precision vs DCS 30 Inch All Gas

I have narrowed my choice of a new range to Capital and DCS. Obvious they are based on the same design since I understand Capital was started by former DCS employees. My problem is that the two different salesman (at 2 different appliance stores) each mildly runs down the quality and service/repair experience of the other product.
We like both of them and would go with either, making do with the feature differences if the service/repair history was markedly different.

I can find almost any opinion on the web after a week of seaching, so I am back where I started. Which view is more complelling? The 'reinvigorated" DCS after their purchase or the original DCS founders in their new company?



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  1. Hi ericavil! I noticed you posted on GardenWeb's Appliance forum. I thought I'd mention it here before someone directed you there.

    1. The old DCS made some products with great features at competitive prices. They were small and needed a lot of help from distributors to compete with "the big names" on things like responsiveness/parts availability.

      The new DCS is part of a much larger organization, that ought to be able to address some of those concerns BUT I suspect the new owners are (somewhat understandably) uncertain about how much of the "high end appliance" business is about style vs function. Especially given the slow down in new home sales there is a lot less money washing around in the marketplace.

      Capital is younger company, but the principals are old pros (from DCS), though as they have to fight all the existing firms -- they have less of a "safety net". I suspect they'll bend over backwards to help you if you encounter any problems.

      Blue Star has a 30" range -- it might be a way to sidestep this whole issue...

      1. DCS seems to have become part of Fisher and Paykel. F&P products have a terrible reliability record overall. If you look into it, you'll find many negative comments and complaints. One recurring theme involves serious problems when you need repair parts and service. My sense (and it's ONLY a sense) is that the issues renov8r cites are becoming worse, rather than better, under the new regime.

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          I too have been looking at the Capital Precision and DCS ranges and I wondered which of these two ranges you decided on and why. Thanks.