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Feb 21, 2008 02:03 AM

Favourite cocktail place with a view?

what would be your favourite pick for a pre/post dinner cocktail place with a skyline view and touch of romance in/close to midtown? Does one need to reserve places in a cocktail bar?

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  1. The View! at the Marriot Marquis-revolving place-romantic? depends whom u are with. Another is Beekman Hotel-bar at top of hotel-piano music and nice views esp in warmer mos. when u can sit outside.49th and 1st

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      The view at the top of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in enviable in it's beauty.
      Asiate restaurant is next to the bar.
      Per Se has a great view. (good luck getting in!)

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          I second the Beekman Hotel bar.

          About the Time Warner recommendations, I think the views are better while it is still light out as you can see Central Park. When it's dark, Central Park just looks like a dark mass.

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            The View at Marriott Marquis at the lounge...the restaurant was underwhelming

          2. Peninsula Hotel or Asiate would be my choices

            1. Stone Rose -- if it's a popular night you might need a reservation.

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                Second Stone Rose. Try 230 Fifth also - the drinks are just OK and the service could be better, but very nice ambience and view.

              2. I vote for The View or the top of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel....both are truly spectacular.

                For restaurant reviews in NYC:

                1. A friend stayed recently at the Mandarin Oriental and she told me a reservation was needed for cocktails at the bar. She also said the cocktails were about $20. Don't know, though, what she ordered.

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                    while some tables are reserved, I've often just walked in and been seated close to the windows for cocktails. They are pricey though. In the $20 range sounds about right.