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Feb 21, 2008 01:39 AM

Fresh Coffee Beans in Bologna?

I am living and studying in Bologna for the semester. Thus far, I have been buying mediocre pre-ground espresso-grind coffee at the supermarket and using a moka pot to make Italian-style coffee. However, I am starting to really miss American coffee. I brought a single-serving French press and a coffee grinder with me, so I'd really like to find whole coffee beans, freshly roasted if possible. That way, I can grind them finely if I want to use my moka pot and coarsely if I want to use my French press. Does anyone know of a place that roasts beans in-house? Or at least somewhere that I can find decent whole beans? Thank you!

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  1. Hey fb242, I'm in Bologna now, having the exact same question in mind. May I ask if you found some good places to get whole coffee beans?

    1. If you want to buy whole beans, you can usually do so at your local bar - they will just sell them to you loose in a bag. Otherwise, maybe Eataly would have them.

      1. Thanks, LifeItalianStyle, much appreciated! I'll go for that!