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Feb 21, 2008 01:27 AM

Potsdam - a culinary desert?

Can anyone help me here? I'm planning a day trip to Potsdam (as in Germany, not NY, as Google insists), but if I'm going to subsist on tourist crap, I'm going to have second thoughts... I know I can pack goodies from KaDeWe in Berlin, but if anyone can save me from lugging a cold lunch all over town that would be great...! Thanks!

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  1. Try Creperie La Madeleine (Lindenstr. 9). Also, I remember a good-looking Italian place on the main strip -- their pizze looked amazing. I think it is called Pfeffer & Salz.

    Both of them are located downtown in the pedestrian shopping area. There's also a fab gelateria, but I doubt they're open at this point. Trust me, you won't starve.

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      wow that's great, thanks! mm... crepes!!

    2. I was in Potsdam 2 years ago and found that there was a good number of choices. It is kind of an upscale suburb of Berlin. You should try some of the wonderful German restaurants there. Sure, there are tourist places, but some pretty rich people live near by.