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Feb 21, 2008 01:23 AM

Corvallis restaurants? Any recommendations?


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  1. For lunch, I love the very inexpensive Vietnamese baguette sandwiches at Baguette, down by the river-especially the pork meatball sandwich. I think New Morning Bakery is very overrated (and the service isn't very good).

    Iovino's, also by the river, is a good Italian restaurant.

    Big River Grille can be excellent or poor-their menu is very extensive and has many complicated dishes, and I think they overreach themselves sometimes.

    Gathering Together Farm, out by Philomath, serves a very limited lunch menu featuring their organic produce-best to go out in the summer and eat outside, but can be very good.

    1. New Morning Bakery is our favorite place in Corvallis & we've lived here 42 years! The food is reasonable & high quality. We like the soup & salad specials. The counter service is sometimes young & inexperienced but always pleasant & way better than you usually get at counter service restaurant. We always take all our out of town guests & family there & they always say they wish they had a branch in their town. We even mail family treats from the bakery for Christmas presents. We're Italian & find the food at Iovino's and Big River over priced, inauthentic, and disappointing. Baguette is OK, but not as good as similar sandwich places in Seattle & Portland. By contrast South East, another restaurant by the same owner, has the best Vietnamese food in town and very few people have discovered this yet, based on the number of open tables when we go. Try the amazing papaya salad with beef! Corvallis has few good restaurant choices unfortunately so we often travel to Portland for a show & a fancy dinner.

      1. Next time you're in Corvallis check out Le Patissier.

        I can't say enough good things about this place! Do I want them to last? Absolutely! Am I a part owner? No, darn! (wish I were! - I also wish they'd open a place in New York where I live!) If you like pastry, go here!