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Feb 21, 2008 01:03 AM

Deep-fried taro (sugar coated) recipe?

Hosting book club discussion of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, & I'd like to serve the so-called "burnt sugar taro" that Like & Snow Flower love. Does anyone have a recipe for it?

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  1. That is sooooooo funny. We just had our book club last week for "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan". My friend hosted/cooked. She couldn't find a recipe either -- and she speaks Chinese and even asked people she knew in Chinatown what the real word for the dish would be so she could look it up in Chinese. NO LUCK.

    So she basically just followed the description in the book, word for word. She cubed taro, slow fried it in the wok first so it was cooked through (she was doing this ahead of time). When it was time for dessert, she put up the heat on the wok, added the taro back in and used sugar-in-the-raw. She just cooked it, stirring, until the sugar was carmelized -- be very careful not to let it burn. It should get really really hot. That's what will make it harden when you put it in water.

    To serve, she put a bowl of water with ice cubes at the center of the table and we each used chopsticks to dunk/drop piece by piece in. It totally hardened and when you bit into it, it cracked! The outside was cold solid sugar and the inside was hot and oozy. It was fantastic. Do try it -- it was great. Good luck.

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      Oh my! Sounds wonderful and fun.I really enjoy interactive food. How big were the chunks?

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        It was fantastic. And very communal with the ice bowl and all. The cubes were small, maybe 1/2 inch dice or so. They were really easy to pick up with chopsticks and pop in your mouth (bigger probably would have been too much for bite sized and smaller would maybe have burned). Try it out.

    2. I'm been looking for a site like this for a while where I can ask other foodies questions! I tried to make this taro dessert, but couldn't find where to buy taro so I used potatoes for a substitue. Blah. Finally came across someone who wrote out a recipe and this time I made it with taro. Pretty good dessert-- it was fun to make with my daughter. I love that book. Anyone have a recommendation for another similar book?
      here's the recipe:

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        You can search on the "food and media news" board -- that's usually where food and books is discussed. I know there have been several threads about food in books (and not just cookbooks but also novels and the like featuring good food).