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Feb 20, 2008 11:17 PM

Baking Supplies in the Bay Area

Hi all, wondering if any fellow foodies can recommend a good baking supplies store in the Bay Area?

I am new to this hobby, and have been amazed at what little assistance stores like Wholefoods, Costco, Andronico's, Molly Stones etc.. give to the home baker.

The sort of products which I am trying to buy locally are:

1) 50 pound bags of good quality flour - King Arthur Sir Lancelot, All Trumps, Caputo 00 etc...

2) 1 pound bags of Instant Yeast, ie SAF Instant Yeast.

3) Diastatic Malt

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  1. try restaurant depot, out on should have what you are looking for

    1. Smart & Final carries big sacks (10 lbs?) of King Arthur flour at an excellent price. I don't know if they also carry larger sizes.

      Otherwise, I recommend popping down to 18th & Guererro to look in the window at Tartine and at the dough annex for pizzeria delfina, both of which go through 50 lb bags of flour at a great clip. It might not be King Arthur, but it will certainly be excellent quality and available on a local basis.

      1. Costco (Richmond) had some very good flour during the holidays... organic, etc. Malt powder I usually get at Rainbow Grocery in bulk.

        1. Not sure if they have them in the Bay Area but Cash & Carry (owned by Smart & Final) is a restaurant supply store....they have 50 lb bags of King Arthur here in Oregon but who knows. Also are you sure you want 50 lb bags? You really need to go through the stuff, you don't want it just sitting around...25 lb bags might be better. Cash & Carry has yeast, & malt too. Alot of the great bakeries in the Bay Area use Giusto's flour which you can order 5 lb bags online. Don't bother going to a bakery to ask to buy a bag,'s just a hassle on their end. They should have pallets delivered monthly but they might tell you the distributor. Call the distributor & see where they deliver for home use.

          1. for the tools for artisan baking. Take a class there too if you're really serious...great people there!