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Feb 20, 2008 10:56 PM

Good place to eat in Koreatown area

I will be in the Koreatown area for the next couple of days and wanted restaurant recommendations.

I dont want seafood.

Lunch/dinner ideas. Hole inthe wall and nice places.

I dont do seafood or pork. Other than that I am open to recommendations. Thanks.

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  1. Check out

    Lots of info on Ktown restaurants, the food it has to offer and much more.

    1. Well you're obviously in the area for good Korean BBQ, places such as Park, Soot Bull Jeep, and Cho Sun Galbee, and I am sure I am missing a few. Also for some amazing Korean fried chicken make a stop by Kyochon.

      Also Opus is in the area for something totally not korean, go for the tasting menu.

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      1. re: ldodb

        I second Soot Bull Jeep. I don't like Cho Sun Galbee very much. It's too "sceny" and the meat has no taste.

      2. check out sa rit gol. ont just bbq (so no charcoal) but soon tubu, fish dishes, etc. nice variety, for a non-specialist restaurant.

        1. I'm not a big fan of korean food, but I live in the area... So if you get a hankering for something different, check out:
          Polla a la Brasa
          Wako Donkasu
          HMS Bounty

          or head down towards MacArthur Park for
          Langer's Deli
          Mama's Hot Tamale Cafe
          Chichen Itza

            1. re: SauceSupreme

              It's still there and serving lunch now. haven't stopped in for that, but they seem to still draw a pretty good night crowd.