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Feb 20, 2008 10:30 PM

Need Venue for Husband's 40th

Help! Planning a 40th birthday party for my husband. Prefer a fun bar/lounge type of venue with good food. There will be about 80 people. I would love to throw in a karaoke dj if possible...thought about doing a buy out at Oiwake in Little Tokyo but really don't want to do the Japanese buffet thing. Thought of Royal Clayton but food is so-so and service is scary. But if you guys can think of something along those lines. Would prefer to stay in downtown/eastside/hollywood. Thanks!

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  1. Price range? Food prefs? area of LA?

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    1. re: Diana

      The OP does state the area of LA -- "downtown/eastside/hollywood" -- but the other two things you mentioned would help narrow the field.

      1. re: Diana

        I left the price range out purposefully because it's really quite open. I'm more concerned with finding the right venue with a fun atmosphere, cocktails and hearty appetizers and which can maybe accomodate karaoke or dj (although I could do away with this requirement). something along the lines of a gastro-pub/bar. So far, I'm looking into Figueroal Hotel, Blue Velvet, The York, New Otani Beer Garden (if open by April), Citizen Smith, Royal Clayton's (although very cool setting...service is really slow)...

        Edendale per suggestion below would be a nice location (but a friend was not happy with their service when she had an event there). I will look into Cliff's Edge. Taix came to mind too.

        1. re: gonavera

          I thought of a couple of other places.

          If food quality is not a major requirement, we had a great party at the Formosa Cafe, on Santa Monica near La Brea a few years back. They have a couple of private rooms (with indoor/outdoor spaces and booths/dance floor/dj/private bar that provide a good backdrop for a party. You have to order from their menu, but if you stick with appetizers, it's edible, especially for people who are drinking.

          Tangier in Los Feliz does private parties as well and has some nice loungy spaces. Food there is not great either, but the location is good and both the interior and outside spaces might work well for what you are looking for.

          1. re: DanaB

            Formosa! That's what I'm talking about it. I knew I'd get a great idea from this board. I'll definitely put this on the top of my list.

      2. Price range is a big issue with these kinds of events. If you post your range, you might get some better recommendations.

        In downtown, I've been to fun parties at the Figueora Hotel. They have a lounge in the pool area that can be reserved for private parties, and they will cater food.

        A more budget recommendation would be Taix in Echo Park. They have lots of options in terms of food, space, bar area, etc. You could probably do karaoke/a dj here if you get a private room.

        Both Edendale Grill and Cliff's Edge in Silverlake will rent out their patios for private parties.

        1. What about a banquet in one of the SGV Chinese places or a place in Koreatown? You could get a room somewhere and I'm sure karaoke is not going to be too much of a problem

          if price is no option, get a room at Valentino (they might not go for Karaoke. It isn't "classy"

          Osteria Mozza has a back room, and I bet karaoke would be OK. It is noisy enough already!

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          1. re: Diana

            I have been to 3 birthdays at Social on Hollywood Blvd. ranging from drinks only to a four course sit down meal (the food was really very good actually). There was a short film presentation and we had two of the upstairs rooms to ourselves for 4 hrs. Nice fireplace, pool tables, lounge, etc. At around 10PM, the hoi poloi start to gather but that made it even more fun-and we still had a one of the rooms private.

            A friend had a more sedate 40th at Grace-fewer people (16) and another sit down meal (fabulous food).

            One more thought-A lovely celebration can be had at Morroccan restaurants-the atmosphere is usually festive, the eating communal and depending where you go, bellydancing may add or detract from the experience. I find it ALWAYS adds :)

            1. re: Densible

              I'll have to check out the Social too. Any Moroccan restaurant suggestions?

              1. re: gonavera

                Moun of Tunis is my favorite. Some people like Dar mahgreb, but I find Moun to have better food and be more fun.

                Simon's Place has the best food, really, but there are no dancers (there is often a band or something) and there is NO WAY 80 people would fit in there.

            2. re: Diana

              Although I love Valentino it would clearly not be the right atmosphere.

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