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Feb 20, 2008 10:28 PM

More,Eating establishments along Woodbine Ave south of Danforth..Part 2

The following establishments were spotted out the window of the Woodbine bus along it's southerly route down Woodbine Ave. to The Lakeshore

1)Sandy's Chinese Food -on Danforth
2)Good Times Cafe- @ Gerrard
3)Ruby Tuesdays- @ Gerrard
4)Jimmy's Place -------Gerrard west of Woodbine, south side
5)Board Walk Restaurant---------(In the park) bus turns there.

Please help to appraise these local eateries. Thanks

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  1. Against my verbal warnings as I am nowhere near as brave as he is, by bf tried the chili at Ruby Tuesdays. I actually got a "You were right" response - that was the giveaway that it must have been terrible!!

    All he could say was Bad. Nothing else on the menu looked appetizing either and it wasn't very clean. But at least the beer was cold!

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      1. re: torontogal

        RUBY TUESDAY's
        on your advice,torontogal
        maybe I'll drop in one summer day.
        So hard to find a cold beer these days. lol

      2. Boardwalk is owned by the City and leased to a private operator. The place is clean and the food is respectable (though hardly great). The menu is similar to the one at Jawny Bakers at the other end of your crawl. The site is lovely on a summer day - there's no water view, but the lake is about a two minute walk. The parking lot can be a nightmare in season.

        1. Just curious, have you already been to Patisserie Zane? On Queen just west of Woodbine. Awesome! Not much place to sit in winter, though.

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          1. re: currycue

            No! Not as of yet, however I was in Kaffeehaus KONDITOR on Wednesday An authentic Austrian style Caf'e, their literature states that;

            "the pastry chef Burgi Riegler was trained by world renown pastry chefs in Austria and worked in the finest hotels and restaurants in Vienna, the gastronomic capital of pastry"

            1856 Queen St. east 416 693-7997

            Have you been in there to sample their apple strudel with vanilla sauce,currycue ? Btw, what are you recommending at Pat Zane?

            1. re: fruglescot

              All of Burgi's desserts are fantastic. You can taste the quality of the ingredients and not just sugar. I've been going there since they opened several years ago. If you're looking for really sweet desserts, I suggest Dufflet's just on the other side of Woodbine.

              The coffee definitely leaves something to be desired, however.

              1. re: fruglescot

                I've been to Konditor a couple of times, and I was not impressed. Their signature apple strudel, "the best in the world", was literally so tough it could not be cut, and had to be chewed apart. With vanilla sauce, the $8 price tag is downright disgusting. I don't even remember what else I had there. Their coffee is also bitter.

                Everything I've had at Zane's, including the coffee, is vastly superior, and cheaper to boot.

                1. re: Kasumeat

                  I once got a cake (about $40) from Konditor out of desperation at the last minute because my usual cake place was closed and when I tried to cut it for my dinner party guests, there was cardboard under the icing, I mean real cardboard, not looked like or tasted like, a real round piece of cardboard.

                2. re: fruglescot

                  I find Konditor and Zane to be very frustrating places.

                  I was excited when Konditor opened. The stuff on display is all gorgeous and there's no question that everything is handmade from natural ingredients. Problem is, much of their food (both savoury and sweet) just doesn't taste very good. From the quiches, to the strudel, to the pretty little pastries, almost everything tastes muted, frequently veering into the realm of bland. The prices are extortionate; the coffee is bad. I expected to be a regular here, but haven't bothered going in for a couple of years.

                  Zane is equally frustrating. As with Konditor, the quality is superb, and Zane's prices are certainly lower. However, Zane has a problem with (lacking a better word) "fabrication". Typically, Zane's pastries actually come apart. For example, I've had the (yummy) fruit and custard toppings on their Danish fall into my lap more than once.