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Feb 20, 2008 10:09 PM

Big Island Hilo day trip

Well, we did a little day trip of Hilo from Waikoloa today.

After touring the spectacular Waipio Valley, and a quick stop at Tex's for their yummy Malasadas, we headed to Hilo to catch their farmer's market, which is always a treat. Surprised to find a stand selling the much coveted Mangosteen! Bought a couple to try. The sunrise papaya, waimea tomatoes, aromatic garlic, local lettuce.

Made a stop at Big Island Candies, which is really a must do! They have a most lovely venue with their product line all displayed in fashionable and stylish wrap. delicious samples to taste throughout the tour, as well as a Kona coffee sampling. You're able to watch the staff hand dip their specialty macadamia chocolate shortbread cookies Great place to pick up some Big island Gifts.

Stopped for a bite at Nori's Saimin at 688 Kinoole St. A little difficult to find, but just what we were looking for. Local saimin at it's finest. had the Hilo special saimin which includes veggies and a BBQ chicken stick. very filling.Does it beat Kauai island's Hamura's saimin.. probably not... but worth a try. very basic place .. no frills


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  1. Hamura's might be a little better, but Nori's is still a great choice. I like the malasadas at Punalu'u Bakery. I thought they were much better than Tex's and just a notch below Leonard's.

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      have you tried the malasadas sold at the roadside stand at Hina Lani and Queen K?...the stand is there in weekends...if yes, how do they compare?