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Anywhere to get a real masala chai to go on UWS?

Getting sick of the watered-down and yet too-sweet chai lattes at Starbucks et al. Anyone know of a place to get a quality masala chai to go on the Upper West that doesn't involve syrup from a tetra pack?

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  1. I'm not a chai drinker, but maybe Hampton Chutney offers something - 83rd/amsterdam.

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      Good luck--I'd be interested to see if you get any responses. I tend to just go to Starbucks and get the Tazo Chai TEABAG and ask for steamed milk with that, so it is totally unsweetened.

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        Yeah, I've also just gotten the teabag. The ready-made Starbucks Chai is really nasty.

    2. I posted on this very subject not too long ago: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/461929
      As you can see, this is a hard to find item if you don't like the powered/boxed stuff.
      Curry in a hurry may have it, but I usually get their Mango Lassi. Basically, Hampton Chutney is only real chai I've found outside of a sit-down Indian restaurant situation in Manhattan. And, Hampton's is only Ok, not great, but serviceable. I gave up. I'm going to start making it at home in large batches for myself.

      Believe it or not, I found a wonderful real chai at the Garden State Mall in NJ--Gloria Green Jeans. Its run by Indians. They looked at me like I was crazy when I asked if the chai was "real". Thankfully it was, and it was delicious.

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        I figured as much but I thought I'd ask all the same. I'll give HC a try soon. Thanks for the info and recs!

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          Hi Ora,

          I have very limited knowledge about Indian cuisine, so I just want to ask a very stupid question. what is considered a "real" chai? What are the components? are the tea bags also sort of "fake"?

          Sorry if this is question is too ignorant...

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            Chai Masala is a spiced tea. Here's an example of a chai recipe: http://www.indiasnacks.com/recipe/535....

            Chai tea bags are a form of the "fake" so to speak LOL. Fresh brewed tea steeped in spices (like those in the example recipe) is what OP and I are craving. Its frustrating that the real deal isnt as readily available at quick service shops like coffee. Starbucks should be ashamed of themselves for serving Chai stuff out of a box and their bagged tazo teas aren't very good either.

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              Hi Ora,

              Thanks for the explanation and the link! I learnt something today!:D

        2. Irving Farm on 7th ave btwn 13th and 14th... not on the UWS but just a few stops on the 2 ;)

          Irving Farm
          56 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011

          1. Go to Gujrat Deli at 106th and Columbus. It's a cabbie joint, and only South Asians visit it, so they actually serve you real chai. 1 dollar a cup.

            1. Jackson Heights/74th Street subway stop on #7 train. Best masala chai at Bombay Chaat and Kebab King. The pani puri at Bombay Chaat is also delicious.

                1. if you can make it to midtown west, Minar has Chai to go. I think they usually serve it only in the afternoon though.