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Who's Montreal's best female chef?

Any opinions?

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  1. I know only 2 woman chef.

    Graziella Battista (originally from Il Sole and now "Graziella") and Racha Bassoul; and I only eat at Racha's place (Bazaar).

    any other ?

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      Gita Seaton, who is not a "chef", but is one of the best cooks I have ever worked with. Go eat some appetizers at Club Chasse et Peche. When she opens her own place one day, or whatever she does, I will be among the first to line up at her door. I'd never work for her, though, God love her.

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        What happened to Racha (Bazaar)? Any news?

      2. when talking about good chefs/cooks we should not forget the thousand women who work in mom and pop places and ethnic restaurents and whose work is not considered important enough for them to be called chefs.

        1. The Thai woman who cooks at Bangkok. Hands down.

          1. In the rest of the Belle Province, Anne Desjardins at l'Eau à la bouche and Diane Tremblay from Le Privilège are well regarded.

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              Don't forget in that case Nancy Hinton from La Table des Jardins Sauvage.

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                I ate at Le privilege many years ago and it was the best meal I ever had....and I have eaten at Toque! I still remember her tartare d'agneau as one of the best things I have ever eaten in my life. Foodies should go to Chicoutimi just to eat there once in their life!

              2. Emma of da Emma is worthy of consideration. Nancy Hinton would certainly be a good contender. And in the casual dining list Ping of Bahn Lao Thai on Decarie (some excellent and authentic Thai / Laotian food).

                1. Oh, and there was one woman I worked with, Isabelle, not sure of her last name, but she worked with Stelio Perombelon for years, and I was her commis at Lemeac during my stage, and worked under her at Les Chevres, too. She is amazing to watch and learn from. I don't know she's up to now, I heard she was working in a food service establishment (not a restaurant, but like a school or something). I learned lots from her, and if she were to open her own place, I would go check it out right away.

                  1. Racha Bassoul, from Bazaar (ex- Anise) is, in my opinion, the best female chef. I also second Bomobob...the Thai woman who cooks at Bangkok is amazing!

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                      Third on the lady from Cuisine Bangkok... her food can make me weep with joy...

                      Thanks for this great thread! It has reminded me of some places I have been wanting to try, and gives recognition to some very deserving women who are making their mark in a field that is still heavily dominated by men.

                    2. Racha Bassoul, if I had to pick one, with Graziella Battista in close second place.

                      A few more to add to the list of candidates: Nathalie Major at Au Petit Extra, Julie Rondeau at Bouchonné, Nadia Boudreau at La Gaudriole...

                      Don't know where Myriam Pelletier, the first chef at Robin-des-Bois, has got herself to.

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                        I think Denise Cornellier is worth a mention, and if you're willing to look outside the city, Anne Desjardin is hard to beat.

                      2. What about Marie Fleur at Tapeo? Another great female talent!