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Feb 20, 2008 08:36 PM

Looking for a post-wedding bash location in Newport Beach

Hi all. I've scoured the posts looking for information on a place that will accommodate approximately 50 people in Newport Beach this April for a post wedding brunch/lunch. The wedding itself will be rather formal so I'm looking to find something fun, casual and appropriate for all ages. I tried booking Ruby's on the pier but it is EXPENSIVE (the location is tiny and it would mean buying out the restaurant)! My other idea was to do take out picnic-style food and bring the party to the beach. Any thoughts or ideas would be very welcome.

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  1. A few year back, a bunch of wedding attendees decided to go to El Torito Grill in Fashion Island after wedding festivities ended at a nearby hotel.

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      I haven't lived in OC for awhile, but I do remember El Torito Grill having a Sunday brunch. There is also a side room to the left when you enter the restaurant that they usually use as a bar/waiting area in the evening. I wonder if you could reserve that area for brunch? You could possibly get a discount for a big group.

      Another option could be Muldoon's Irish Pub and Restaurant. It has delicious food for lunch and there is a nice outside patio where you could fit 50 people, or you probably could reserve the room with the second bar if they don't allow you to take over the patio. I went to a post-rehearsal dinner bash there in October and our group of around 25 fit nicely in a corner of that room. You could easily sit 50 in there. As I recall, there is usually traditional Irish music on Sundays in the main bar area, which could make for a nice backdrop. It definitely would be casual and fun. I've also seen kids there during lunch time.

      I just got married last April and remember how agonizing and annoying it is to pick these wedding locations. Good luck!

    2. A friend of mine had a bonfire-rehearsal dinner on the beach. Lots of fun and your guests would definitely remember it. I like your picnic idea.

      1. Thank you for the suggestions... I really appreciate it. I'll check into these options and let everyone know about which place accommodates (for anyone else that might need the info in the future). Keep 'em coming!

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          Since you mentioned Ruby's, I wonder if you're looking specifically for a location on or near the Peninsula? Fashion Island is a few miles South on PCH, which isn't a big deal, but if you're looking for something more geared toward the actual beach and ocean, you're not really going to get that at Fashion Island.

          On the high-end would be Balboa Bay Club, one of the "Gold Coast's" newest luxury resorts, directly on PCH and complete with boat slips and marina view.

          You can check out the Harborside Restaurant at the Balboa Pavillion at The catering isn't the greatest, but it's a fun location, especially for out of town guests.

          R. Jason Coulston

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            Thanks Jason... I've looked at their site a bunch of times and I think it will be a beautiful place for our rehearsal dinner. We're looking for something a little more casual for the day after- proximity to the beach is not too too big a deal as the wedding itself is going to be on a boat.

            Thanks for the advice!

        2. Don't remember how big the place is, but I've always enjoyed meals at Sabatino's

          251 Shipyard Way, Newport Beach, CA 92663

          1. Well if you want something interesting and depending on the day of the week., you can actually reserve parts of Peninsula park at the base of the Balboa pier and could have something catered there. No alcohol and some other rules but a unique location. There are some tables and a few bbqs but catered would be best.
            You could also try the Balboa Inn as its outside terrace is open,.

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              Fantastic ideas... thank you. I didn't know that you can reserve parts of the park- I love that. I'm going to check into it asap.