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Feb 20, 2008 08:06 PM

Lobster Stock in slow cooker?

Has anyone tried this, and if so can you give some approximate timing and directions. Friends and I shared 3 lobsters last night and my friend saved all the shells for making stock. Lobster bisque from the stock was what my friend was thinking about. If you have had success with making lobster stock in a crockpot, can you please reply? I have been making my chicken stock in the slow cooker, but have never tried lobster stock. Thanks

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  1. Since stock/broth from lobster shells normally would involve less than an hour of barely simmering, it does not seem like the crockpot would be a tool of choice. Also my understanding of lobster bisque is that it utilizes the whole lobster in that you are creating the base of the soup as you saute the freshly killed lobster chunks in the aromatics, set the cooked meat aside, proceed to create the flavorful soup and then return the lobster chunks prior to service.

    Your lobster remains would make a nice shellfish base for a chowder or other soup simply simmered with some aromatics for a short while.

    1. Sorry I have no slow cooker experience, but I have made stock with leftover lobster carcasses and it made excellent soup. However, it was also very fragrant in the house while I made the stock and for a day after. You'll want to use the vent if you have one. Or open a window. I think using a slow cooker would give the odor even more time to infilitrate your soft furnishings. Also, it only takes about an hour and half to make--much faster than poultry or beef stock.

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        Oh, hadn't thought about the smell! I have a batch of chicken stock going right now and the house smells great. The dog and cat are running all over the place and the dog has been whining and licking his lips all day!
        Thanks both of you for the timing notes as well; I will pass the info along to my friend.