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Feb 20, 2008 06:49 PM

Tucson vegetarian and seafood recommendations

I'll be visiting for five days and nights...would like some lunch and dinner recommendations for a solo diner...I like to sit at the bar and dine for dinner. Additionally, any recommendation for an after ball-game glass of wine near the Electric Park?

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  1. Those aren't Tucson's specialties. The only real vegetarian restaurant worth mentioning is Lovin' Spoonfuls - they're good people, but mediocre food. Casbah on 4th - I don't even know if it's still serving food, but it was awful IMHO. I know some vegetarian friends really like Guilin, a chinese restaurant with an extensive vegetarian menu, but I've never been too impressed. I believe I've eaten at Garland once and liked it, but haven't been there in quite a while... It's mentioned on and I vaguely remembered it.

    I can't really speak for seafood past knowing that there are some good seafood options at Pico De Gallo, which is pretty good lunch option. I know Kingfisher is popular and would satisfy the bar option, unlike many of the others.

    Finally, you'll probably want to get a few miles between you and the park before thinking of wine - it's not the most glamorous neighborhood. I'd suggest making your way up Kino to Speedway and head west to Cuvee for wine, though. It's maybe a little over 10 minutes away.