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Jan 22, 2002 03:21 PM

Creme brulee - Cafe Stella

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Ahhh, creme brulee... the perfect dessert.

Cafe Stella has the best one I've ever had. Not too thick, not too runny, not too sweet, specks of vanilla beans dotting the bottom, impossibly silken... Perfection!

Food is moderate to good but who cares about that? I go just for the creme brulee.

Sunset near Fountain. For a hassle-free dining experience, go EARLY or really late.

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  1. I must agree about the creme brulee. Best I've ever had.

    The first time I went to Cafe Stella, I was miffed because I "didn't have a reservation" and there was an hour and a half wait. This was at about 8 or 9 pm on a weekend. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised; but as I was shut down, I held a grudge for about 7 months.

    Finally, curiosity won out, and I went with my best girl (who by the way is now my fiance). I called ahead and we got there early. As it turns out we were the first ones there and it was absolutely wonderful. (NOTE TO GUYS: This is a good romantic place.) As we ate, others came and sat down. By the time we left, about a third of the patio was full.

    It's a small French restaurant in Silverlake with tables inside and tables outside on the patio. We sat on the patio.

    It seems to be a family operation, or at least there were kids that knew everyone when we went there early.

    Anyway, the lamb shank was exquisite. Prepared with a wine reduction sauce and vegetables that were extremely fresh.

    The wine selection, while limited, is good, as I was able to find something I liked.

    The staff is very friendly and helpful about what to order; and they have the consummate French attitude. This is good when there aren't many people there. I wonder how it is when it is crowded.

    Overall, my experience has been good when it is not crowded. I have to think it is good when they are crowded, too, as there are in fact crowds... but I don't know.

    1. Next time, try the chocolate pot de creme. It's just as good as the creme brulee.