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Queen St. Fire

Hello All:

Any news on whether Nikolaou was affected by this morning's fire on Queen West? Are any other CH favourites in one of the affected buildings?


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  1. Yes, apparently it was, according to the following article:


    I am not sure if the list is exhaustive.

    Terrible :-(

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      this list includes affect not only lost.


    2. Yes it was...there is a partial list on City TV online (channel 24)

      1. Yes, it was apparently destroyed. That was the only place involved. Healthy Butcher is on the next block and Shanghai Cowgirl is across the street.

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          Shanghai Cowgirl lost power, but they're OK and should reopen as soon as possible (maybe even tomorrow).

        2. A news report yesterday described Nikolaou as "destroyed", but they seem to be slightly west of the destruction. I suspect they had mainly smoke damage.

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            Nikolaou survived due to a firewall between Duke's and the store in between. Likely a lot of smoke damage, and probably a lot of water damage in the basement, but from photos, it appear to be fine.

          2. http://www3.thestar.com/static/PDF/08...

            Most of the damage appears to be merchandise stores, including one of my favourite shops. Very sad. I hope they will all be able to recover from this.
            Ali Baba has water damage, while Pizzaiolo has water and smoke damage.

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              I believe Ghandi is across the street as well. They should be fine though.

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                In any case, none of these places will be open for a while, at least while the fire marshal is messing around in there.

              2. Nikolaou Restaurant Equipment is my Dad's store, He says the store is fine with very minor damage. It's smoky inside and there's a foot of water in the basement.

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                  Give your dad my best. It's a great store and there are a lot of caring fans who hope that your dad's business will be fine once they sort this all out.

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                    What Zengarden said. I love Nikolaou, and have been shopping there for years. Hope to see it up and running again soon!

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                    Thanks so much for letting everybody know. I'm so glad to hear that your dad's store came through relatively well. Best wishes for a speedy clean-up - the store will be missed until then!

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                      Thanks for the info, drish. My best also to your dad and all of his neighbours.

                      Please let us know when they are ready to re-open. There are a few things that I have been meaning to get myself and this news item has reminded that there is no time like the present for visiting one of Toronto's hidden gems.

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                        Oh.. you have NO idea how happy that makes me. Will pop in once he re-opens!

                      2. The thought of a torched Gandhi had me twitching with fear.

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                          That would definitely be a very, very sad thing!

                          Speaking of Gandhi, anyone know if it's open on the weekend for lunch?

                        2. The store will open tomorow (the 27th)