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Feb 20, 2008 05:35 PM

Philly Foodie Visiting DC

Hi, DC Food Lovers,

I'm spending a weekend there in March. I'll be staying around DuPont Circle. I'm visiting one of my oldest and best friends; food isn't one of the things we have in common. Last time I came to town for a visit, meals were, to put it politely, less than memorable.

I'd love to checkout newish, smallish, under the radar-ish spots with fun, younger scenes and entrees topping out at $30ish. Can you guys help me? We're adventurous eaters open to any cuisine. Fun bars/night spots suggestions also welcome.

I've already visited and liked:

Etete (Kind of just OK compared to other Ethiopian places I've known and loved)

I've visited and HATED:

Lauriol Plaza

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  1. Here's a few that come immediately to mind:
    -- Firefly, on New Hampshire NW just south of Dupont. Small, hip, some inventive dishes.
    -- Sonoma, a nice casual wine bar with very good food on Capitol Hill.
    -- Brasserie Beck, a terrific new Belgian place downtown; loud and bustling but great fun.

    Also, if you liked Jaleo, you'd probably like Zaytinya, its nearby Middle Eastern tapas sister restaurant, as well as Oyamel, a fantastic Mexican place on 7th St. NW in Penn Quarter. I have yet to go to Hook in Georgetown, but you'll find a lot written about it on this board.

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      I second Zaytinya if you liked Jaleo, and I'd suggest Hank's Oyster Bar... it's casual, trendy, young and has a really cool vibe and good seafood. Also a fun area for bars if you want to grab a drink afterwards.

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        These are all great recommendations--especially Firefly, Beck and Hook (LOVE LOVE LOVE it!).

        Also in the Dupont area for brunch/lunch you might want to check out Bistro du Coin, Tabard Inn, or Hudson.

        Also you should check out some of the great restaurants in the Gallery Place/Chinatown area. I like PS7, Proof, and Oya (who always have a great special running for around $30/person).

        U St. is also a cool place to hang out. I really like Creme and St. Ex is good for drinks and/or brunch. I've also been hearing good things about Marvin.

      2. Zorba's for Greek
        Upstairs at Mark and Orlando's
        Cafe Trope (new)

        Be sure to check out the Dupont Farmers Market on Sunday morning! Sample the produce and cheeses-get a pastry at Bonaparte Bakery-some bread from Atwaters....it's a do not miss for foodies!


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          Thanks! I almost specifically asked about a farmers market but I figured March isn't the best month for that kind of thing. I will definitely check it out!

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            Dupont is one of a handful of markets that are open year round. Even in the winter, Dupont has a terrific energy and vibe. By March, you'll see a vibrant market. Chef out the events and chef at the market on the website. You may hit it when there's something really fun going on!

        2. for "spots with fun, younger scenes and entrees topping out at $30ish" try Zengo in PennQuarter/Chinatown.