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Good steak around north Toronto/GTA?

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Any suggestions for a good steakhouse that isn't downtown? Perhaps something north of York Mills, within 10km or so from Yonge? Vaughan/Markham/Thornhill/Richmond Hill/etc?

I've had steak at Terra and liked it, but the place isn't worth the money. Not impressed with the steakhouse next door. Of course, there's the Octagon, which I'd been going to for many years, but last couple times haven't had great experience either. I've been doomed to The Keg and would love something else!

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  1. With the caveat in mind that everyone's got their own version of what constitutes a good steak..."The Chan" aka House of Chan, Eglinton & Bathurst. The Steak Pit, Avenue north of Lawrence. (Okay, it's weird, both of these places are totally stuck in the 50s/60s decor wise, but they've both been serving their communities for eons, and they both specialize in steak, so they must be doing something partially right...and if you like the steaks @ Octagon, chances are you will like these.)

    1. What about the Braised Bull in Markham? Okay I'm not good with distances, it's probably farther than 10 km from Yonge -

      Braised Bull
      7750 Markham Rd, Markham, ON L3S3K1, CA

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        How's the steak in there compared to the Keg ?

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          Haven't had it myself, I'm relying on the comments of friends of mine who live in Markham who would rate it better than Keg. They also like the steaks at Chop House in Unionville and the School of Fine Dining at 14th & Kennedy.

          149 Main St, Markham, ON L3R, CA

          The School
          4121 14th Ave, Markham, ON L3R0J2, CA

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            I've eat at The School and it's good. Very similar to Devonsleigh Place and David Duncan House.

      2. For casual dining, try the Purple Onion on Dundas W.

        Purple Onion
        2998 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P1Z3, CA

        1. Can you give more details about your Octagon experience? We've been going 3 or 4 times a year for many years and it has always been great. I was planning to treat my husband for his birthday next month. I would like to know if their food/service quality has declined.

          Thanks kindly!

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            For sure. Let me start by saying that I'd been going to the Octagon for 15+ yrs and have always thought it to be nothing short of exceptional. We typically go twice a year. The last two times we went were disappointing though and I'm not sure how quickly I'll go back.

            Last time we went, we were seated and a waiter immediately asked us if we wanted drinks. We ordered a bottle of water and said we weren't yet sure about drinks. Someone else brought water and nobody came back for about 10 mins. Our formal waiter eventually came and asked if we were ready to order. We each ordered the 8 oz filet and a caesar for two.

            Another 10-15 mins went by and the waiter came to our table to make the salad. I've always loved this salad, but the taste was off this time. There was way too much oil, too much dressing and not very much flavour. The previous time we went it was a similar case. (As an aside, I always wondered how they made the dressing from scratch with no measurement of anything and served it without ever tasting it - that should be mandatory).

            Took a while for our main courses to come. One steak was with mashed potatoes and the other was with a baked potato. Nobody ever came back to the table to offer pepper or sour cream for the baked potato. One steak was cooked medium well and the other medium. The medium steak was half medium and half medium-well. Both steaks tasted great, as usual, and I was happy with them. However, in the past, they always served some vegetables (broccoli, mushrooms, etc). This time, we each got about 4 small button mushrooms and that's it.

            Nobody came to the table during our meal, it took about 10 mins to clean the table after we were done, and nobody came back for a while to ask us about our dessert.

            Overall, the steaks were good. The sides are average. The salad was not done properly. And the service was not impressive at all. Perhaps it was the waiter that was bad (same waiter the last two times). A friend went there a few months ago and also complained about bad service.

            If others have had good experiences lately, I'm willing to go back and try again, as I've been loyal for so many years. Otherwise, I'm happy to move on.

          2. Just a bit south of York Mills on Yonge is Wildfire Grille. Nice atmosphere, good food, good service. It's always a reliable option in the area. I can't rate the steaks, but the food is generally several steps up from the Keg.


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              That's my go-to place for steak - I have been there a few times but now I mainly go because of the steak, the ribs and piri piri chicken are ok, but the steaks have a great flavour and are well-prepared - plus, they have an excellent wine selection. A bit too far for me at times to go since I live in Richmond Hill, so I am looking for a slightly closer place as well.

            2. This will likely get slammed by some Chowhounds, but the Miller Tavern is a steakhouse located just south of York Mills. Nice atmosphere, great for drinks.

              I haven't tried their steaks, but the place is always busy, so it looks like some people enjoy their steaks.

              Steak might be the best thing to order there, since the non-steak items I've tried haven't been that great.

              The grilled vegetable pasta on last summer's menu wasn't very good, and the portion was ridiculously small, but I noticed it's not on the menu anymore. I'm guessing you wouldn't be ordering it if you're looking for a steakhouse, anyways. The salmon I ordered on another visit was fresh tasting, and generous, but a little overcooked for my liking.

              Miller Tavern has some sort of flexitarian feature running right now.

              1. Peter's Fine Dining on Hwy. 7 in Markham has great steaks.

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                  I went there once many many years ago. Just did a search and saw some really good reviews. Anyone else had any experiences there lately? How are the prices?

                2. David Duncan House off Don Mills just north of York Mills.
                  Great Steaks, Great ambience( Much Better Than Octagon).
                  Wonderful value for your dollar. Great service. Good wines.
                  Do yourself a favour and try this out. It's great all around.

                  1. Chop House in Unionville is great; nice atmosphere, solid steak experience (am a major carnivore m'self). Stay away from Miller Tavern; their prices are outrageous for the quality they are serving, and I would most definitely NOT go there for a steak! My personal complaint with Wildfire (okay you have to see me to understand this) is that if you're not a 6' tall person, the seating is so uncomfortable that I can't even remember the quality of the food, just the fact that I couldn't wait to get out of there.

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                      Thanks for the tip. The SO is just around 5' and she hates when her feet cannot touch the ground or the table is to her chin.

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                        Interesting... I just went to their website. Everything works, except when you click on "Menu" it takes you to some totally different site called TenderYourBid.com!

                        What's up with that?

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                          It's not necessary to go to a steakhouse if you want a decent steak. Any competent resto will have a steak or two on the menu, and - seeing as how steaks are comparatively easy to execute - it'll doubtless be tasty and probably cost a lot less than it would cost at a fancy steakhouse like the Octagon. Simply go to one of your more reliable resto favorites and you'll likely be eminently satisfied. On those occasions when I feel the urge for steak, and can't be bothered barbecuing it myself, I go to the aforementioned Miller Tavern, where - as others have written - the kitchen isn't up to much, but which does the simpler things (that don't demand much creativity) quite well. Like a steak at about $26-$27. To me, a steak under $30 is a nice price, unlike many of the other offerings of the Miller Tavern's, which trumpets itself as mainly a seafood joint. A very substantial steak portion - damned if I recall what cut of steak it is, nor do I care because it's so good - with potato and vegetables, in a pleasant setting on the edge of a park, with decent if somewhat erratic service most of the time. Its price beats the pants off its closest steakhouse competitor, the Wildfire Grill just down Yonge St., which offers a wider range of steak cut choices and substantially higher prices. It's a popular spot, is the Wildfire Grill, though - as a few here have pointed out - its booth seating can be uncomfortable for short people. In which case, they can just move to a regular table, of which there are many, and problem solved.

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                          Chophouse is no more, the owner changed it into indian cuisine now

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                            The chophouse has been re named and now is an Indian restaurant

                          2. Oh, you must try Eddy's Steakhouse on Yonge in Markham, north of John and south of 407, on the east side. It's been there for decades and I just tried it last night for first time, after my senior parents recommended it (I was looking for steak around that neck of the woods). Portions are very generous, even the nibbles before you even order. Service is phenomenal -- formal, professional men with grey hair in suits - and invisible but pleasant. REally great service. Decor is dated but really who cares, everything else is off the chart. Prices extremely reasonable too -- We had dinner for two with dessert, coffee and beer for under $100.

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                              I have lived in this area fora long time and never knew about this place. I think I will check it out.

                              What are your thoughts on Baton Rouge at Yonge and Sheppard? They a good prime rib at their hwy7 and 400 location.